Dear gentle humans, when you go out next time, don’t forget to take the clever puppy with you!

Here I am, all spiffed up, and ready to go.  I am even bringing my own bottle.  Yes, I heard that it was a BYOB affair, so I came prepared.

I don’t understand, however, why you humans send out invitations that say “Bring Your Own Bottle”.  I mean, what do you do with them?  I never see you carrying the bottles around in your mouth, like I do, or chewing on them and hearing that lovely crunching sound as your teeth  collapse the plastic.  In fact, when you bring bottles you don’t even empty them out first!  You just bring them, and put them on a table or countertop, and them go off and leave them.

I don’t get it.

The next time you bring a bottle to a party, do what I do … go to the recycle bin and grab one from there.  Choose a nice one that you can carry easily in your mouth.  And make sure that it is empty.

Oh, and one more thing … don’t forget to Bring Your Own Puppy.




2 responses to “BYOP

  1. I don’t have my own puppy to bring. I’ll have to bring you, instead.

  2. Shouldn’t BYOB stand for “Bring Your Own Bailey?”

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