Pup is Pooped

This pup is clever.  This pup is speed.  This pup is … pooped.

Yes, as hard as it might be for you gentle humans to believe, this puppy can get very tired.  After all, it can be hard work, chewing on discarded flower pots or chasing after little doggie toys.

Sometimes it feels nice just to be able to lie down on the lawn and rest for a moment, before getting up and resuming my busy routine.

You ought to try it.  If you are at work, or busy at home doing the laundry, and you feel tired, go outside and lie down on the lawn.  You’ll feel better.

By the way, for any of you who felt that the word “pooped” might have been used in a different, more … ummm … messy connotation, well, shame on you!




3 responses to “Pup is Pooped

  1. Bailey, Taffy and Dylan’s Mum took them for a 2 mile walk in 90+ heat on Saturday and they were pooped afterwards too.

  2. Glynis, one day my dad took me for a 2-mile walk at Harvey Bear park, and after about 1 1/2 miles I decided to lay down and rest for a while. It wasn’t too hot … but it was late in the day and I had been running around the yard all afternoon.

  3. Such a cutie! I hope no one ever rolls over your ears with a desk chair. Your ears are too cute for that.

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