Pyro Pup

It is summer, and with summer comes hot days, and hot dogs (puppy-pun intended), and warm evenings.  Evenings that are just right for relaxing around a fire.

But as you gentle humans know, before you can have a campfire you need to collect the firewood.  Dad decided to have a fire, and so I helped him get the fuel necessary.  You see, being a golden retriever, I am very good at, well, retrieving!  After all, that is what I am.

And I knew where a lot of pieces of wood were in the pasture just right for chewing … I mean, burning.  So I ran off to get them for dad.

Each time I brought dad a stick I would gently give it to him.  No, not really.  I would play tug-a-stick with him.  We like to play that game, and so I would pretend to pull the stick out of his hand.  We would go around and around in circles with the stick, until I finally let him have it.

Who says you can’t have a little fun with your work?

Afterwards, the whole family gathered around the campfire and relaxed.  They were going to roast marshmallows, but apparently there were none in the house.  (No, I know what you are thinking, but I didn’t eat them!)  So we just sat there and enjoyed the warm summer evening.

For me, it was a little sad.  while I liked the fire, I didn’t like to see all my favorite sticks and branches going up in flame like that.  Tomorrow I guess I’ll have to go around and find some more to chew and play with.



One response to “Pyro Pup

  1. Ah, Bailey, you are a pup after my own heart. (I’m quite the pyro too, as Dad can tell you.)

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