Don’t Forget the Puppy

OK, I can understand that it was a busy day.  I can understand that dad had things to do.  But something was missing in what he had to say when he got home from that work-place yesterday.  Something really big.  Gentle humans, can you tell what was missing?  Here is what he said to mom when he got home:

“Here are the things that I need to do:

  1. Go out and feed the horses.
  2. Throw some chlorine in the pool.
  3. Print some more programs for the show.
  4. Go to the theater to start setting up for tonight’s performance.

I’ll see you at the theater.”

All right, what was missing?

Yes, gentle humans, you are right.  He forgot to include Play with the Puppy!

But you can be sure that I did not let this oversight go uncorrected!  I ran up to him and started whining, and jumping, and pulling on his arm, and he quickly realized his mistake.

“Oh, and there is one more thing that I have to do …”

So we went outside and played before he did anything else. We played fetch, and tug, and “Catch me if you can”, and then sat down and relaxed.

Then, after I let him know that I forgave him forgetting about me, I let him go do his tasks while I went inside where mom fed me.

Apparently, everything got done very well, and the show last night was excellent.  And when he got home late in the evening, I let him know again that I was there.  This time he did not forget about me.  We played again until it was time for bed.

I’m sure that he won’t forget next time!



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