Ten on Tuesday

One of my gentle humans, Nikki (who often comes to visit with me on Thursdays) has a blog of her own, just like me.  She is clever, too, I guess. Just like me.   She writes about different things; one weekly theme is a list every Tuesday; she calls it her Ten on Tuesday. (http://bookwyrmknits.wordpress.com/2012/06/26/ten-on-tuesday/)

Since today is Tuesday, I thought that I’d come up with my own list.  Here is a list of ten things that make me happy:

1:   Running.  I love to run.

2:   Chasing stuff.  Like sticks.  Or balls.  Or frisbees.  Or purry-things.

3:   Going for car rides.  Usually that means I am going to a park to run.  I love to run.

4:  Unless I am going in the car to visit the vet. Oh, I like the vet … she is nice.  She was especially nice when I was very sick and had to stay in her office for a few days.  But sometimes they poke me with sharp needles.  Not so nice  😦

4 (repeating #4 because I don’t know if the previous #4 really belongs on a list of things that make me happy):  Dog treats.  I love ’em. Nom nom nom.

5:  Lying on the grass in the sun.  Listening to the birds chirp.  A gentle breeze.   Ahhh…

6:  Getting up after lying on the grass and running.  I love to run.

7:  Greeting my gentle humans.  I get all excited when I hear them come home.  I whine, and bark, and jump up-and-down. “Welcome home! Now let’s go play!!”

8:  Running.  Running in circles.  Running here, running there. I love to run.

9:  Running.  I love to run.  (Oh, am I repeating myself?”)

10:  Lying on dad’s lap after a full day of running.  He will brush my coat and I will roll onto my back and he’ll rub my tummy.  Bliss.  If I were a purry-thing, I’d purr.

11:  But I’m not a purry-thing.  That makes me happy.  I’m different than purry things.  More on that next time.

Oops, I guess I got carried away.  Ten turned into eleven.  Oh well.  It just shows that lots of things make me happy.  I am a very happy, clever pup.  Now, I need to finish this post and go outside.  To run.  I love running.


3 responses to “Ten on Tuesday

  1. Hey Bailey, do you like to run? I heard a rumor to that effect.

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