Pups and Purries

I just love this description of the difference between us clever pups and those purry-things:

We pups are always so eager, so enthusiastic, so happy.  We play, and we run, and we love to let you gentle humans be part of it.  For example, here I am when I was playing with soap bubbles.  It was a lot of fun, and I could have chased those bubbles all day long.

But purry-things don’t seem to understand the joy in chasing soap bubbles.  Or sticks.  Or much of anything.  Oh sure, sometimes they will chase a string around the house, but after they catch it, they just sit there.  They don’t really get exciting about the game.

Not like us clever puppies.

One time I tried to explain this all to one of the purry-things that lives inside with us.  I tried to tell him how much fun it would be to run around and jump up and roll over and just have fun.

He just looked at me and hissed.  He didn’t want to listen to anything I said.  He just wanted me to leave him alone so he could sleep.

That’s okay with me if he didn’t want to play.  At least dad was there to play out in yard with me.  And that’s what we did.  Shall we go play tug-on-dad’s-arm? Yeah, yeah!



2 responses to “Pups and Purries

  1. So true, and that’s why pups are so much more clever than purry things…they grab every bit of enjoyment this world has to offer! Keep on finding the fun Bailey!!

  2. Don’t tug on Dad’s arm too hard… he kinda needs it.

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