Walk Softly? Not Me!

Nobody better get in my way today.  Not nobody.  Not no how.

Today I mean business.  Today everyone will do things my way.  Today it’s the dog’s day.

Today I have a big stick.

Yes siree dog, today it’s the pup’s way, or the highway.  With this big stick I’ll show ’em who’s boss.  If anyone tries to cross me, I’ll show ’em my stick.  If someone doesn’t do what I want them to do, I’ll just wave my stick at them.

A pup with a big stick is a pup to be reckoned with.  A pup who deserves respect. And — maybe — some extra puppy treats.

Now … if only I can figure out how to pick this darn thing up!




One response to “Walk Softly? Not Me!

  1. Aw, poor pup. I think you but off more than you can chew today.

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