When Pets Leave

Dear gentle humans:  Do remember when I posted about playing with my new ball?  The one that rolled all by itself?  The one that had a little furry inside it and smelled funny?

Well, maybe you don’t remember, or perhaps you weren’t reading my blog way back then.  For you here is the link to that post:  https://baileysdailyblog.wordpress.com/2012/01/15/balls-are-for-playing-with/

I recently saw that ball again, but this time something was different.  It didn’t roll away, and it didn’t smell funny.  Most importantly, there was no little furry inside it.

I walked all around it, sniffing it, watching it, waiting for it to move, but without the little furry there was no way to make it go.

It just sat there.  Empty.

Then I knew that the little furry must have gone away.  That realization made me feel sad.  It was the first time that I experienced a pet going away, but I know that it happens.  All the time.  And every time, it is sad.

Some of my dad’s friends have had their pets go away recently.  Riley left his family in early July, and then Schnookie left her humans a few days later.  It was sad to hear about this.  We pups are very loving, and we care for our humans, and it is wonderful when you care and love us in return.  We pets and you humans have a special relationship that is terrific while it lasts, but unfortunately it can’t last forever.

The human Shakespeare was very wise when he said, “Parting is such sweet sorrow, …  I’m sure that he must have been talking about pets when he wrote those words.  When a pet leaves it is indeed very, very sad.  But it is a sweet sadness, because there are so many wonderful memories of fun times and loving licks that were shared.

These are deep thoughts for a clever puppy.  Deep, and sad-making.  I don’t like to be sad.  I like to be happy, and excited, jumping up and down and running all around.  But every once in a while it is good to slow down for these profound reflections.

But now, that thinking time is over.  Now is time for running, and chewing on toys, and making my humans happy.  If you have pets then I hope that they are making you happy, too.  For that is what we pets do, and do very well.




2 responses to “When Pets Leave

  1. You are so right,Bailey! Sorry for your loss.:(

  2. I love these deep thoughts from a very clever puppy.

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