Working Dogs

All right, gentle humans, it is time to correct a decades-old injustice.  There is a practice in which many of you have engaged called “Take Your Daughter (and now Sons, too) To Work Day”.  Be honest, now, how many of you have been part of this?  Let’s see a show of hands … bark, bark, just as I thought.

But how many of you have ever thought of bringing your DOG to work?  Huh? 

Bark.  I didn’t think so.  See, nobody ever thinks of bringing a dog to work.  It would be good for us.  It would be good for YOU.

Yes, good for you.  You may be interested in a recent article posted on where it tells about a study which showed that people who bring their dog to work actually have less stress by the end of the day! Read the full article at:

The article says that a clever human named Randolph Barker (love that name.  “Barker” … get it??) monitored the stress levels of employees and found that those who didn’t bring their dogs to work reported drastically higher levels of stress by the end of the working day.

Well, I could have told him that!  After all, who can get mad when there is a dog looking at you with love in his eyes and a tail wagging a mile a minute?  Who can get upset while watching a clever pup run around the yard, chasing soap bubbles?  Who can feel any stress when there is a pup resting his head on your lap?

So it is obvious that dogs can reduce your stress levels at work (and elsewhere, I might add).  And, there are other advantages to having canines in the workplace.  As Barker himself said, dogs may be better participants in an office meeting because “They don’t judge us, and when no one else will listen to you, your dog will listen to you.”

So there you have it.  Having dogs at work can reduce your stress levels, making you happier and therefore more productive.

So, dad, when are you bringing me to work?  Bark?  Think we could qualify for the carpool lane?  Can I drive?  Bark?  Bark?!  Can I?


5 responses to “Working Dogs

  1. Lucky for your dad that it’s called “take” your dog to work day…so that means dad must drive!

  2. I want to take my purry to work! Do you think that would be allowed?

    • “Bark! I don’t know if your purry-thing would be as good a companion at work as a clever pup would be. Your purry-thing would look for places to hide (under desks, behind filing cabinets) and wouldn’t help lessen your stress at all.”

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