It seemed normal at first.  I was excited and playing with mom and dad.  I was carrying one of my plastic bottles (those make the most wonderful crunchy-noise when I bite down on them) when mom suddenly put something in her mouth and started to blow.  To my surprise, a big blue ball grew right there in front of her face!  Then dad did the same with a green ball!  I jumped up to try and get it, but he turned away and kept on blowing.  It kept getting bigger!

Next mom brought in a small cone-shaped thing and tried to put on me.  I was leery of wearing another cone (I wore one once when I came back from visiting the vet) but this one was smaller and went onto my head, not around my neck.

I have to admit I felt a little silly, wearing that cone.  Mom tied it around my neck with a ribbon and looked satisfied.  I tried to look dignified, but how can you when you feel like a cone-head?

Then they hung those green and blue balls on the wall … the ones that they blew up earlier … and had me sit and stay.

I didn’t want to sit.  Or stay.  I wanted to jump up and play with one of the balls.  The green one was easily within my reach.

But I was a good dog.  Good dog.  I sat and stayed.

And mom and dad said, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, BAILEY!!”

So that’s what all the fuss was about!  I get it!  I’m a year old today.  I’m getting to be a Big Dog!

But even big dogs have their limit.  And I was quickly reaching mine.  This cone on my head had to come off.  I was able to do just that and grabbed it by the ribbon.  Maybe I could play with this cone thing?  Or, at least, chew it up until it is a soggy mess.

After that, mom and dad had some ice cream, and mom gave me some!  It was good.  But I thought that birthdays were to be celebrated with cake and ice cream?!  Where was my cake?  I want to be able to have my cake and eat it, too!

And I still want to play with those two new balls.  Mom says that she will give me one later today.  Oh boy … I can’t wait to play with it.  It’ll be a blast!


5 responses to “Birthday!

  1. “Blast” is certainly an appropriate word… Happy birthday, Bailey!


  3. Happy Birthday Bailey! You’re a good sport for wearing the birthday cone – and did, indeed, look dignified wearing it!

  4. Good dog, Bailey!

  5. Happy Birthday Bailey!! You certainly were a good sport to wear the cone as long as you did and let your parents get a good picture!! I hope those balls didn’t pop too quickly when you finally got to play with them….

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