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A New Visitor

“Bark!  BARK!  Grrr….  BARK!!

I woke up mom and dad last night.  Had to.  Something was outside!  I was thinking that maybe it was a return of the funny furry-thing with the mask on his face.  Remember when I first saw him?  Here is that link:

Well, I barked, and I barked, and I BARKED, and finally dad came downstairs.  He asked what the matter was and I ran to the back door.  “Bark! Something is out there,” I tried to tell him.

So he turned on the back light and opened the door.  I ran past him to go out.  BUMP.  He didn’t open the door wide enough!  Dad only opened it enough to get a good look at what was outside.  And then I saw it, too.  It was not a purry-thing, or at least I don’t think it was.  It didn’t purr. But it was eating the purry-food on the back porch.

It was different that the mask-wearing furry thing.  I wanted to see it closer, and tried to squeeeeze out the back door.  Dad didn’t let me past; in fact, he closed the door a little more.

I don’t understand why dad wouldn’t let me meet this new creature.  He looked friendly enough.  Maybe, some night, I will be able to meet him.

That should be fun!


Follow the Bouncing Ball

Balls are fun to play with.  They are fun to chase, to grab, to bounce.  I love nice, big, round balls.  The rounder, the better.

Yes, balls are supposed to be ROUND.  So you can imagine my surprise when mom gave me this weird-looking ball.

It looked funny,  it smelled funny, but most of all, it bounced funny.  When it fell on the floor, it wouldn’t bounce like a ball should, but instead went here, and there, and here again, and … well, you get the idea.

It was also very hard to grab with my teeth.  I tried, and tried, and tried again, but every time it would slip out of my mouth and bounce crazily onto to floor: here, and there and, here, and … well, we’ve been there before!

However,  it did have something that I’ve never seen on a ball before.  It looked just like the laces on a shoe, and I knew how to pull those off.  I wondered if I could also grab the laces on the ball, so I decided to give it a go, and I was indeed able to get a little part of the lace with my paw.  I am indeed a clever puppy!

Then dad said something about a fumble and tried to get the ball.  I saw that he was trying to play so I also grabbed for the ball.  We both tried to get the ball, but (as you could guess by now) it kept bouncing here, and there, and … well, we won’t go into that again.

Suddenly dad whistled and said, Penalty!  15 yards for Illegal Use of the Mouth!”  Huh?  What did he mean?  Was he complaining that I accidentally grabbed his hand instead of the ball?

Finally I won and was able to get the ball.  By this time the laces had come loose enough for me to grab them and hold the ball that way.

I can’t wait to play with the weirdball outside.  It would be fun to run with, and see if dad can catch me.  He also said something about tackling.  I’m not sure what that is, but from what he described it sounds like something that I would be good at.

Very good.

I’m just not that good yet at chasing the bouncing ball.  But I will practice.  I’ll learn how to play weirdball yet!



I just looked at the calendar and saw that it is Friday.  That means all you gentle humans will go around with a smile and saying, “TGIF!”

That makes no sense to me.  Today is Friday, yes, that is true.  But why should you like this day more than the other six?  What makes this day of the week so special?

This clever pup does not prefer one day over any other.  I live for each day, and enjoy every day equally. Why should I like one and not another?

Every day is just as good as the next, for running (I am speed, remember) or for eating, or for sleeping.  I don’t care if it is Friday or Tuesday or Whateverday if I want to chase purry-things, or play tug-on-dad’s-arm, or run in the sprinklers.  Any day is good for a drive, or a walk in the park, for laying on the grass or for chasing bubbles.

Dogs don’t care if it is Friday.  Why should you?

Well, actually, there IS a case where a dog liked Fridays better than other days.  Mom and dad used to have an Irish Setter named Scupper, way back when dad was in the Air Force.  Dad would have to go away once every three weeks for something called “Alert” and would be gone for a whole week.  While he was gone Scupper would sleep on the floor next to mom’s bed, but on Friday — and he always knew when it was Friday — he would instead sleep in the front entry waiting for dad to get home.  So I guess that he had a very good reason for liking Fridays.

But not me.  I like Fridays, and Mondays, and Wednesdays (except that those are harder to spell) and I will have fun on all days.

Why don’t you, too?



Gentle humans, do you remember I had a birthday a little while ago (  Yeah, I thought that you remembered reading about that.  I got new toys, and treats, and two new balls, a green one and a blue one, to play with.

These balls were nice and new.  They were two of my favorite colors (“lying in the sun sky blue” and “romping in the lush grass green”).  Of course, they did have funny pictures on them … one of a duck wearing a sailor hat and the other one of a Goofy – looking dog … but I ignored those.  I liked them, and wanted to play with these new balls.

So I first picked up the green ball to play with it.  It was very squishy, but I didn’t mind.  In fact, that made it easier for me to get my mouth around the ball.  It made it easier to grab with my teeth.  My big teeth.  My big, sharp, canine teeth.

All of a sudden there was a big, loud noise that scared the purry-things.  I, of course, being a clever and brave puppy, did not flinch when I heard the sound.  I wondered what that noise was.  I wondered why my humans were laughing.  But most of all, I wondered where my nice, new, big, squishy green ball went.  All I had in my mouth was a floppy piece of green, and dad quickly took that away from me.

I know that I am clever, but I still don’t know where that green ball went.  Oh well, can’t worry about it too much.  After all, I still have the blue ball to play with!

I’m sure that I can keep this ball around a little longer than the green one, don’t you think?  I’ll watch it very closely, and won’t lose it like I did the other one.

It’s just so much fun to play with, so nice a soft, and my teeth can really get a good bite on it …

School Days

Today was the first day of school!  No, gentle humans, not for me … for Melanie.  She started First Grade today.

She was very excited to go, and even woke up earlier than usual to get ready.  Here she is when she came downstairs, all set to go.  I ran up the stairs to greet her, to wish her well on this first day, and to ask if I could go to school with her.

Really, I think that going to school would be fun.  I don’t know if I, a clever puppy, really needs to go to school to learn about reading and writing (after all, I already am writing this blog), but just think of all those kids at school who would love to play with me.  Kids who have lots of energy, and love to RUN!  I love to run … after all, I am speed, remember?  Just think how much fun I could have at school, running and playing with all those children.

Well, Melanie said that I had to stay home and that I wasn’t allowed to go to school.  This made me sad.  But then she showed me her painting.  It is a painting of me, and the warm sun and the lush grass, and in the painting I am jumping and chasing soap bubbles. It is a great painting, and it made me forget about being sad.

Now I am happy again, and ready to run outside with my new bone (I’m still trying to figure out a way that I can sneak it out back with me).  And I will wait patiently for Melanie to get home from school, because I know that she will be ready to play with me. 

Even if I can’t go to school.


A New Bone from New Friends

Bark!  Bark!!  BARK!! !  I’ve got some wonderful new friends!    Oh, well, actually, I have never met them.  But Amy and Kiersten are — or would be — terrific humans to know because they are fun, friendly, pretty, and (best of all) they are very kind to clever pups like me!

They are friends of mom and dad’s and last week they all got together at Disneyland. Best of all, they brought a new bone for me!  I was SO excited when dad got home and gave it to me.  I looked at him so patiently when he held it out, and then when he said “OK” I gently took it from him.  It was just my size, and brand new!  It tasted wonderful.

I held it very gently for a while and looked at him while he told me about the very thoughtful humans who gave it to me.  I wish that I could meet them in person to thank them, but since they live far away the best that I can do is write this post and hope that they read it.

I was so proud of the bone that I held it in my mouth and trotted all over the house with it, showing everyone what a terrific bone I had.  They all admired it said what a good dog was I, and that made me happy.  I wanted to take it outside and play with it there.  Finally dad said that was okay for me to chew it if I stayed indoors.  I wanted to keep that new bone feeling for as long as I could, but eventually the urge to sink my teeth into it became too strong and I lay down on the floor and started chomping.

After a while I got tired, and dozed off, with the bone still next to me.  The bone is still here and I can chew on it again when I wake up.

So, Amy and Kiersten, if you read this, I want to you know that I really, REALLY like this bone.  I wish I could thank you in person, but that will have to wait until I meet you.  Oh, and Kiersten, I heard that today was your birthday.  Maybe I can reciprocate your kindness by giving you a doggie treat as a birthday present?


Take Me Home, Yellow Brick Roads …

You are all familiar with The Wizard of Oz, I am sure.  You know, that wonderful movie about a clever little dog named Toto who has all sorts of wonderful adventures.  He rides on a bicycle in a basket, flies through the air on a spinning house inside a tornado, chases lions, sleeps in a poppy field, explores a witch’s castle … You know the movie.

It is also a stage musical that my family just finished for our local community theater  and it was a terrific production, although I didn’t get to play the role of Toto (that part was shared by two wonderful puppy actors, Lucy and Sparky).

At the end of the story you all remember what happens.  After all his adventures in Oz, Toto gets to go home by barking out loud, “There’s no place like home, there’s no place like home …”

And that is just what I feel like.  I was nice to get away to the Laurelwood resort for a few days, but now it is nice to be back home.  Back to the old routine.  Back to my toys, and my house, and my yard. Back to playing with Melanie, and chasing the purry-things, and lounging on the floor with dad.

Indeed, there is no place like home.  There is no place like home.

A Week at the Resort

Have you been wondering, gentle humans, where I have been for the past week? Well, like Farley in the comic above I was on vacation.  Mom and dad went on their own trip, and couldn’t take me, so I stayed behind.  Instead of going, I spent the week at Laurelwood (

But really, it wasn’t bad at all.  I had a great time!  I got to run on the lawn a lot, and play with a lot of new friends.  I got lots of attention from the gentle humans who took care of me, I could lie in the sun and relax … it was like being at a resort!  

Here is a picture of me lounging with Kristen and Keith, the nice humans at Laurelwood.  You can see that I am enjoying this.  I even told them how much I liked it there (don’t mention this to them, but I told Keith that I liked him best, and then I said the same thing to Kristen; they don’t know about what I said to the other.  Let’s keep them fooled, shall we?)

A clever puppy knows when he’s got it good.  I had a wonderful time, but all good things must come to an end.  And when mom and dad came to pick me up after they got home I naturally jumped up and down and licked them all over.  I was happy to go home and play with my toys and sticks and plastic bottles.

I look forward to the next time that I get to stay in the resort.  The food was good, the service was excellent, and the daily massage was heavenly.  But there are a couple of things that I wish they’d add.  I miss the shuffleboard and the little umbrella in my drink.

Maybe next time?

Dog Park!

Yesterday mom and dad brought me to the Dog Park.

What a fun place!  I had a great time, running and playing and mixing with all the other dogs that were there.  I particularly like playing with the two Australian Shepards.  They were lots of fun and loved to run … just like me.  I was faster, however,  After all … I am speed.

There were all kinds of clever puppies there.  I was the only Golden Retriever, but there were German Shepards, and Dobermans, and Labradors, and one that looked like a horse!  I found out later that it was a Great Dane, and he sure was big!

We all had fun, running, and sniffing, and playing together.

Except for one annoying little … dog.  I don’t really think it was a dog.  It looked more like a tan-colored rat that kept yipping and yipping.  It didn’t belong in the Big Dog Park with the rest of us.  It should have been in the small dog park, next door, to be with all the other little yippy rats.

Anyway, I had a lot of fun and I can’t wait to go back.  Maybe tomorrow?  Huh. dad?  What about tomorrow?  I’ll drive …

Seven Equals One??

Arf!  Thanks, all you gentle humans, for the birthday greetings!  I have gotten a lot of replies, both on this blog and at my dad’s Facebook page, congratulating me on reaching my first year milestone.

Didn’t do too much to celebrate.  Got a new toy. Got some extra treats. Got lots of attention and belly rubs.

Didn’t get to play with my new balls yet (the ones that mom and dad blew up for my birthday).  Can’t wait until they let me have them.

One of dad’s friends, however, questioned whether I was really one year old.  He said that I should be seven years old, in “dog-years.”  This friend of dad’s needs a basic lesson in astronomy, and a clarification of the definition of “one year.”

A year is the amount of time that it takes the Earth to complete one orbit around the Sun.  I thought that all gentle humans knew this, but then again, I can’t expect all humans to be as smart as a clever pup.  Since dogs occupy space on the same Earth that you humans do, it stands to reason that a year for us would equal the same amount of time as it would for you.  Makes, sense, doesn’t it?

So forget about this “dog-year” rubbish.  It is just a myth.

I must admit, however, that the concept of a dog-year is very valid, given a different set of circumstances.  If our planet was in orbit around Sirius, instead of the Sun, then everything would be measured in dog years.  It only stands to reason.

Because, as I hope you all know, Sirius is the Dog Star.