A New Bone from New Friends

Bark!  Bark!!  BARK!! !  I’ve got some wonderful new friends!    Oh, well, actually, I have never met them.  But Amy and Kiersten are — or would be — terrific humans to know because they are fun, friendly, pretty, and (best of all) they are very kind to clever pups like me!

They are friends of mom and dad’s and last week they all got together at Disneyland. Best of all, they brought a new bone for me!  I was SO excited when dad got home and gave it to me.  I looked at him so patiently when he held it out, and then when he said “OK” I gently took it from him.  It was just my size, and brand new!  It tasted wonderful.

I held it very gently for a while and looked at him while he told me about the very thoughtful humans who gave it to me.  I wish that I could meet them in person to thank them, but since they live far away the best that I can do is write this post and hope that they read it.

I was so proud of the bone that I held it in my mouth and trotted all over the house with it, showing everyone what a terrific bone I had.  They all admired it said what a good dog was I, and that made me happy.  I wanted to take it outside and play with it there.  Finally dad said that was okay for me to chew it if I stayed indoors.  I wanted to keep that new bone feeling for as long as I could, but eventually the urge to sink my teeth into it became too strong and I lay down on the floor and started chomping.

After a while I got tired, and dozed off, with the bone still next to me.  The bone is still here and I can chew on it again when I wake up.

So, Amy and Kiersten, if you read this, I want to you know that I really, REALLY like this bone.  I wish I could thank you in person, but that will have to wait until I meet you.  Oh, and Kiersten, I heard that today was your birthday.  Maybe I can reciprocate your kindness by giving you a doggie treat as a birthday present?



5 responses to “A New Bone from New Friends

  1. I should have thought to order something with a bone in it to send home for you with your parents while we were celebrating their anniversary!! Next time Bailey, I won’t forget!!!

  2. Oh my goodness – that was the most adorable thing I have ever read/seen! Thank you so much for posting that, Bailey – I’m so glad you liked the bone! We would love nothing more than to meet you some day and you are very lucky to have such amazing humans as your parents! 🙂

  3. Thank you, Bailey, for the offer of doggie treats! I’m happy that you are enjoying your bone! From all your pictures and posts, I must say… you are one incredible pup! 😀

  4. Oh B, you are a very clever pup – and your writing skills far surpass that of a1 year old – or 7 year old! Your jaw must have gotten very tired of chewing the bone in order for you to take a little furry-thing nap. You’re a good pooch!

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