Gentle humans, do you remember I had a birthday a little while ago (http://wp.me/s262M4-birthday)?  Yeah, I thought that you remembered reading about that.  I got new toys, and treats, and two new balls, a green one and a blue one, to play with.

These balls were nice and new.  They were two of my favorite colors (“lying in the sun sky blue” and “romping in the lush grass green”).  Of course, they did have funny pictures on them … one of a duck wearing a sailor hat and the other one of a Goofy – looking dog … but I ignored those.  I liked them, and wanted to play with these new balls.

So I first picked up the green ball to play with it.  It was very squishy, but I didn’t mind.  In fact, that made it easier for me to get my mouth around the ball.  It made it easier to grab with my teeth.  My big teeth.  My big, sharp, canine teeth.

All of a sudden there was a big, loud noise that scared the purry-things.  I, of course, being a clever and brave puppy, did not flinch when I heard the sound.  I wondered what that noise was.  I wondered why my humans were laughing.  But most of all, I wondered where my nice, new, big, squishy green ball went.  All I had in my mouth was a floppy piece of green, and dad quickly took that away from me.

I know that I am clever, but I still don’t know where that green ball went.  Oh well, can’t worry about it too much.  After all, I still have the blue ball to play with!

I’m sure that I can keep this ball around a little longer than the green one, don’t you think?  I’ll watch it very closely, and won’t lose it like I did the other one.

It’s just so much fun to play with, so nice a soft, and my teeth can really get a good bite on it …


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