I just looked at the calendar and saw that it is Friday.  That means all you gentle humans will go around with a smile and saying, “TGIF!”

That makes no sense to me.  Today is Friday, yes, that is true.  But why should you like this day more than the other six?  What makes this day of the week so special?

This clever pup does not prefer one day over any other.  I live for each day, and enjoy every day equally. Why should I like one and not another?

Every day is just as good as the next, for running (I am speed, remember) or for eating, or for sleeping.  I don’t care if it is Friday or Tuesday or Whateverday if I want to chase purry-things, or play tug-on-dad’s-arm, or run in the sprinklers.  Any day is good for a drive, or a walk in the park, for laying on the grass or for chasing bubbles.

Dogs don’t care if it is Friday.  Why should you?

Well, actually, there IS a case where a dog liked Fridays better than other days.  Mom and dad used to have an Irish Setter named Scupper, way back when dad was in the Air Force.  Dad would have to go away once every three weeks for something called “Alert” and would be gone for a whole week.  While he was gone Scupper would sleep on the floor next to mom’s bed, but on Friday — and he always knew when it was Friday — he would instead sleep in the front entry waiting for dad to get home.  So I guess that he had a very good reason for liking Fridays.

But not me.  I like Fridays, and Mondays, and Wednesdays (except that those are harder to spell) and I will have fun on all days.

Why don’t you, too?



One response to “TGI?

  1. But you see, Bailey, most humans don’t get to run and play whenever they want to. We have to report to a “boss” – kind of like an obedience trainer. And so on Fridays, we get two days to be our own boss… Then we can run and play on our own schedule. 🙂

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