Follow the Bouncing Ball

Balls are fun to play with.  They are fun to chase, to grab, to bounce.  I love nice, big, round balls.  The rounder, the better.

Yes, balls are supposed to be ROUND.  So you can imagine my surprise when mom gave me this weird-looking ball.

It looked funny,  it smelled funny, but most of all, it bounced funny.  When it fell on the floor, it wouldn’t bounce like a ball should, but instead went here, and there, and here again, and … well, you get the idea.

It was also very hard to grab with my teeth.  I tried, and tried, and tried again, but every time it would slip out of my mouth and bounce crazily onto to floor: here, and there and, here, and … well, we’ve been there before!

However,  it did have something that I’ve never seen on a ball before.  It looked just like the laces on a shoe, and I knew how to pull those off.  I wondered if I could also grab the laces on the ball, so I decided to give it a go, and I was indeed able to get a little part of the lace with my paw.  I am indeed a clever puppy!

Then dad said something about a fumble and tried to get the ball.  I saw that he was trying to play so I also grabbed for the ball.  We both tried to get the ball, but (as you could guess by now) it kept bouncing here, and there, and … well, we won’t go into that again.

Suddenly dad whistled and said, Penalty!  15 yards for Illegal Use of the Mouth!”  Huh?  What did he mean?  Was he complaining that I accidentally grabbed his hand instead of the ball?

Finally I won and was able to get the ball.  By this time the laces had come loose enough for me to grab them and hold the ball that way.

I can’t wait to play with the weirdball outside.  It would be fun to run with, and see if dad can catch me.  He also said something about tackling.  I’m not sure what that is, but from what he described it sounds like something that I would be good at.

Very good.

I’m just not that good yet at chasing the bouncing ball.  But I will practice.  I’ll learn how to play weirdball yet!



2 responses to “Follow the Bouncing Ball

  1. You can definitely catch that strangely bouncing ball…after all You Are Speed!

  2. “Weirdball” is a good name for it! (Especially if you saw how humans play with it…)

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