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National Dog Week

Oh yes, gentle humans, I can think of lots of reasons why we clever pups deserve a special week.  I bet that you can, too!  (Hint:  If you are having trouble thinking of any reasons, why not read some of my older posts on this blog?  That should give you LOTS of ideas!)

Anyway, I thought that I would list some ways in which you can show your puppy that you appreciate him.  Here are my top ten ways to Observe National Dog Week:

1.  Play with your dog.  Play.  Play.  And play some more.  There never can be too much playtime.

2.  Special treats.  I don’t mean kibble, or leftovers, or bones.  I mean filet mignon, or prime rib.  You know, the good stuff.

3.  No baths.  None.  If your dog gets muddy, it is because he is having fun.  Let him have his fun.  And mud is fun!

4.  Go for walks.  Nice, long walks where there are lots of new smells to investigate, and people to greet, and squirrels to chase.  But be sure to keep the purry-things at home.

5.  Ample face time.  I mean lots of face-licking.  That’s always fun, and it shows your pup that you really appreciate him.  If you want, you can lick back!

6.  Special treats.  I know, I already listed this one.  But I forgot to mention the bacon.  ‘Nuff said.

7.  Let the dog run.  I love to run (after all, I am speed).  Let me fetch sticks, or chase squirrels, or just race around the yard.  And try to catch me … you can’t, you know.  I am just too fast for you. Come on … let’s run!

8.  Toys.  All sorts of toys.  Big balls, little balls.  Squeaky chickens.  Squeaky bears.  Squeaky ducks.  Anything that squeaks.  Or not … plastic bottles are great, too.

9.  Going for rides.  I love to get in the car, and look outside as we travel through the countryside.  It is a grand thing to do.  Of course, it would be nicer if I got to drive the car once in a while.  I bet I could, you know.  It doesn’t look that hard.  And I’m sure that I could drive better than some of those humans out there (not meaning YOU, of course)!

10.  And, best of all, is lots of attention.  Lots and lots of rubs, and pets, and scritches, and stuff like that.  I love belly rubs, and rubs behind the ears, and getting brushed with a nice, soft brush.  Ahhhhh.  I feel so good just thinking about it.


There you have it.  Ten ways to celebrate National Dog Month (because just one week is not long enough).  Can you think of other ways to honor your dog?  I bet that you can.  Let me know what they are, and be sure to tell mom and dad, too!

Especially if it includes bacon!





Shopping Spree

I went to the store with mom and dad a couple of days ago.  What fun!  It was a store just for us dogs, and lots of us were there wandering around the aisles.  (Well, there  were other sections for birds, and fish, and purry-things, but none of their owners brought them in to walk around the store.)

There were lots of choices of puppy food there!  I was drooling just thinking of all the possibilities.  Food for young pups, food for older dogs, food for both the big and small, and food for clever pups like me.  Mom put the big bag into the cart and off we went to see more of the store.

I was surprised when they stopped at the display of Halloween costumes.  I mean, really?  Do you think that this dog would submit to such an indignity?  Come on, what pup in his right mind would want to be a pumpkin?

We stopped next at the magazine stand.  I was in awe.  I couldn’t decide what I wanted to bring home to read.  There were lots of titles on the magazine rack and I just couldn’t choose between them.  I was disappointed, however, that they didn’t have the latest issue of Car and Canine, or Pupular Mechanics, or Playdog.  

I finally decided not to get anything new to read.  I’ll just go home and reread my favorite, The Incredible Journey.  It is, however, getting a little dog-eared.

Mom and dad kept walking down all the aisles, and I would look at the displays, and talk with the other dogs, there, but finally it got to be too much.  I couldn’t take any more of this shopping stuff.

I just had to lay down and rest.

But I’ll be back.  It was fun, at least for a while.  And besides, I want to see Amanda again.  She was the nice salesperson at the check-out register who rubbed my head, and said what a good dog I was, and gave me a treat to eat.  Mmmmmm.  That was the best part of all!

Playing Weirdball

Hello, gentle humans.  I saw on the news that it is now Weirdball Season!  Remember when I tried to play with the strange ball that didn’t bounce nicely?  Here is the link if you have forgotten about that:

If you remember, I had trouble picking up the ball (until I found that I could carry it by the laces).

Well, I found a better way to handle the ball.  I squished it.

Well, it actually took a lot of work to get all of the air out of the weirdball.  But once I did it was much easier for this clever pup to hold.

Dad and I then played weirdball outside.  He would run with it and I would try to get the ball away and run the other direction.  It was lots of fun.  I was very good at this game.  He had trouble running with the ball because I would always run faster than him (remember, I am speed) and he would have to stop.  Then I would try to get the ball from his hand.

If there is one thing that this puppy can do well, besides run, it is to jump.  And I love to jump.  I could use this ability to get the ball away from dad, and I did just that!

No matter how high he tried to carry the ball I jumped.  I jumped and I jumped and I would finally get the ball.

Sometimes it was easier if I grabbed his arm first, and pulled the ball down a little lower.  Then I would grab the ball.  And once I had the ball, I would run away with it, and dad would have to try and get it back.

We played — and I ran and jumped and ran again — until he got tired and sat down on the lawn.  He said something about “halftime.”  I don’t know about any “half” … for me it was “lick dad’s face time.”  That made him laugh and get up and run again.

This is a fun game … can’t wait until we play again.


Not Me

I didn’t do it.  Nope … not me.  How can you even think that I was the culprit?  Besides, does this look like the face of a puppy who did anything wrong?

It couldn’t have been me.

Spill water all over the floor?  Nope … not me.

Eat all the purry-food?  Nope … not me.

Chew up that magazine?  Nope … not me.

Dig that hole in the lawn?  Nope … not me.

After all, just look at this face.  Does this look like the face of a puppy who did anything – anything – wrong?  Of course not.  Just look at my eyes … the verdict is written there:  NOT GUILTY.

I didn’t do it … now may I have that treat?


Climb Every Mountain

I’ve been to the top of the world!

Well, maybe not the very TOP.  I haven’t been to Mt. Everest, or the North Pole, or whatever your definition of “top” may be.  But I’ve been up very high, especially for this clever pup.

Yesterday dad and I went mountain climbing.

Well, mom says that we didn’t really do any climbing, and it wasn’t really a mountain, but still, we took a hike and went up a trail that we hadn’t traveled before, and it went up.  And up.  And UP.

It was a long and winding road (hey, that would make a great song title!) and although we went in the morning it was beginning to feel hot.  But we went anyway.  Up and up.

When we finally got there I looked down and saw that we were above the trees, and above the roads, and above the houses.  And down there, somewhere, were mom and the purry-things.

“Bark!”  Hi, mom!  Can you see me?”

She didn’t answer.  I tried again.  Still no answer.  Oh well, you gentle humans don’t have the same keen ability to hear that we clever pups do.  Or maybe it was because my color blended in so well with the golden grasses all around me.  Anyway, after a while we headed back down.

It was hot, and I was tired.  We found a nice shady oak tree and sat down underneath.

While we were there we talked to some people who rode by on 2-wheeled things and some others who were on top of their horses.  They were all very friendly and happy to see me, and said what a pretty dog I was, and I just sat there and panted.  I was too tired to even go up and lick their faces.

But I wasn’t too tired to chase the squirrels!  On our way back down I saw many of those elusive things and pulled dad down the trail running after them.  I’m surprised that he didn’t fall down as we scampered down the hill.  I even got very close to one … about 24 inches away.  Then he ran through this gate and stopped on the other side.  He chirped at me, “Ha ha, you can’t get me.  You’re too big to get through the gate!  Ha ha.”  But he ran away when dad got his camera out.  Who ever knew that squirrels were camera-shy?

Anyway, that was how I spent the morning.  It was fun.  It was exciting.  It was hot, and tiring, and exhausting.  I came home and asked mom if she saw me (she said that she didn’t) then went out to my backyard and lay down in the grass.  It was good to be back home.


Mighty Mouth

Some of you gentle humans will know the song “Pinball Wizard” by The Who.  It’s a great song, but could be better.  I’ve rewritten the words:

You see, I love to run (after all, I am speed) and chase things and grab them with my mouth.  One of my dad’s friends once commented, “It looks like Bailey always has to have something in his mouth.”

Of course I do.  After all, what kind of a dog am I?  Well, you are right, I am a clever dog.  And I am a fast dog.  But most of all, I am a Golden Retriever.  And what do Golden Retrievers do?

Wrong.  Then answer is NOT that we sleep.  Or poop.  No, the correct answer is that we RETRIEVE.  That is what we are good at.  And I retrieve everything!

Old flower pots, plastic lids from buckets, you name it, I retrieve it all.  And bring it back for mom and dad.


Ever since I was a young pup (uh oh, I might start singing again) I have loved to chase sticks.  I would — and still do — grab sticks and run to dad to have him throw them, and then I’ll chase after them and bring it back and do it all over again.

Of course, as I have gotten bigger, I have gotten bigger sticks.  One might even call them branches.  Or tree trunks.  Still, I retrieve them! I’ve posted about these before, remember?

Sometimes, however, there is a limit to how much I can retrieve.  After all, there is only so much room in this clever puppy’s mouth. Here I am, as a still inexperienced pup, trying to carry three things all at the same time.  It was very hard to do.

All this talking, and posting, and singing has made me anxious to go outside and retrieve something.  Hmm, I wonder:  Dad has a copy of that song, the one by The Who, on something called a vinyl record.  It is nice, and flat, and round, and I bet it would fly through the air a looong way, and I could chase it, and retrieve it, and dad could fling it again … do you think he would do that?  Huh?