Playing Weirdball

Hello, gentle humans.  I saw on the news that it is now Weirdball Season!  Remember when I tried to play with the strange ball that didn’t bounce nicely?  Here is the link if you have forgotten about that:

If you remember, I had trouble picking up the ball (until I found that I could carry it by the laces).

Well, I found a better way to handle the ball.  I squished it.

Well, it actually took a lot of work to get all of the air out of the weirdball.  But once I did it was much easier for this clever pup to hold.

Dad and I then played weirdball outside.  He would run with it and I would try to get the ball away and run the other direction.  It was lots of fun.  I was very good at this game.  He had trouble running with the ball because I would always run faster than him (remember, I am speed) and he would have to stop.  Then I would try to get the ball from his hand.

If there is one thing that this puppy can do well, besides run, it is to jump.  And I love to jump.  I could use this ability to get the ball away from dad, and I did just that!

No matter how high he tried to carry the ball I jumped.  I jumped and I jumped and I would finally get the ball.

Sometimes it was easier if I grabbed his arm first, and pulled the ball down a little lower.  Then I would grab the ball.  And once I had the ball, I would run away with it, and dad would have to try and get it back.

We played — and I ran and jumped and ran again — until he got tired and sat down on the lawn.  He said something about “halftime.”  I don’t know about any “half” … for me it was “lick dad’s face time.”  That made him laugh and get up and run again.

This is a fun game … can’t wait until we play again.



2 responses to “Playing Weirdball

  1. Bailey, you are a most wise and clever pup!

  2. Yes, Bailey, you sure can jump. Sometimes you jump when I just want to pet you and play with your ears…

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