Shopping Spree

I went to the store with mom and dad a couple of days ago.  What fun!  It was a store just for us dogs, and lots of us were there wandering around the aisles.  (Well, there  were other sections for birds, and fish, and purry-things, but none of their owners brought them in to walk around the store.)

There were lots of choices of puppy food there!  I was drooling just thinking of all the possibilities.  Food for young pups, food for older dogs, food for both the big and small, and food for clever pups like me.  Mom put the big bag into the cart and off we went to see more of the store.

I was surprised when they stopped at the display of Halloween costumes.  I mean, really?  Do you think that this dog would submit to such an indignity?  Come on, what pup in his right mind would want to be a pumpkin?

We stopped next at the magazine stand.  I was in awe.  I couldn’t decide what I wanted to bring home to read.  There were lots of titles on the magazine rack and I just couldn’t choose between them.  I was disappointed, however, that they didn’t have the latest issue of Car and Canine, or Pupular Mechanics, or Playdog.  

I finally decided not to get anything new to read.  I’ll just go home and reread my favorite, The Incredible Journey.  It is, however, getting a little dog-eared.

Mom and dad kept walking down all the aisles, and I would look at the displays, and talk with the other dogs, there, but finally it got to be too much.  I couldn’t take any more of this shopping stuff.

I just had to lay down and rest.

But I’ll be back.  It was fun, at least for a while.  And besides, I want to see Amanda again.  She was the nice salesperson at the check-out register who rubbed my head, and said what a good dog I was, and gave me a treat to eat.  Mmmmmm.  That was the best part of all!


One response to “Shopping Spree

  1. Bailey: Playdog? Really?? You’re not nearly old enough for that magazine yet.

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