National Dog Week

Oh yes, gentle humans, I can think of lots of reasons why we clever pups deserve a special week.  I bet that you can, too!  (Hint:  If you are having trouble thinking of any reasons, why not read some of my older posts on this blog?  That should give you LOTS of ideas!)

Anyway, I thought that I would list some ways in which you can show your puppy that you appreciate him.  Here are my top ten ways to Observe National Dog Week:

1.  Play with your dog.  Play.  Play.  And play some more.  There never can be too much playtime.

2.  Special treats.  I don’t mean kibble, or leftovers, or bones.  I mean filet mignon, or prime rib.  You know, the good stuff.

3.  No baths.  None.  If your dog gets muddy, it is because he is having fun.  Let him have his fun.  And mud is fun!

4.  Go for walks.  Nice, long walks where there are lots of new smells to investigate, and people to greet, and squirrels to chase.  But be sure to keep the purry-things at home.

5.  Ample face time.  I mean lots of face-licking.  That’s always fun, and it shows your pup that you really appreciate him.  If you want, you can lick back!

6.  Special treats.  I know, I already listed this one.  But I forgot to mention the bacon.  ‘Nuff said.

7.  Let the dog run.  I love to run (after all, I am speed).  Let me fetch sticks, or chase squirrels, or just race around the yard.  And try to catch me … you can’t, you know.  I am just too fast for you. Come on … let’s run!

8.  Toys.  All sorts of toys.  Big balls, little balls.  Squeaky chickens.  Squeaky bears.  Squeaky ducks.  Anything that squeaks.  Or not … plastic bottles are great, too.

9.  Going for rides.  I love to get in the car, and look outside as we travel through the countryside.  It is a grand thing to do.  Of course, it would be nicer if I got to drive the car once in a while.  I bet I could, you know.  It doesn’t look that hard.  And I’m sure that I could drive better than some of those humans out there (not meaning YOU, of course)!

10.  And, best of all, is lots of attention.  Lots and lots of rubs, and pets, and scritches, and stuff like that.  I love belly rubs, and rubs behind the ears, and getting brushed with a nice, soft brush.  Ahhhhh.  I feel so good just thinking about it.


There you have it.  Ten ways to celebrate National Dog Month (because just one week is not long enough).  Can you think of other ways to honor your dog?  I bet that you can.  Let me know what they are, and be sure to tell mom and dad, too!

Especially if it includes bacon!





2 responses to “National Dog Week

  1. But Bailey, baths include attention and brushing. Doesn’t that mean they are okay?

  2. Hey, B, that’s gud writin! I really enjoy your posts.

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