The Gladiators

They say that the Orca is vicious, ruthless, the ultimate predator.  Even its nickname elicits fear and foreboding:  Killer Whale.  What could possibly be more sinister than that?  Often it has been called “The Most Vicious Creature on Earth”.

Vicious Orca … meet Vicious Puppy.

The two most terrifying creatures on Earth met for the first time.

Vicious Puppy says, “Grrrrr!”

Vicious Orca says, “Squeak.”

These two powerful denizens of the animal kingdom stare at each other, and then slowly engage in lethal combat.  Circling cautiously, they size up their opponent to determine the best course of attack.

Vicious Puppy opens his mouth and says, “Grrrrr!”

Vicious Orca opens his mouth and says, “Squeak.”

They continue the deathly dance, each certain of ultimate victory.  The Vicious Puppy shakes his head … the Vicious Orca wiggles its tail.  They are mutually entangled in this eternal struggle which has – must have – only one inevitable outcome:  One of them must die.

Finally, the fierce battle is over.  The victor proudly walks away from the arena with the crowd shouting in adoration.  In the end, the outcome was never in doubt.  Everyone could see it coming.

The victorious combatant was clearly the stronger, more vicious of the two.  He certainly deserves the title of “The Most Vicious Creature on Earth”.

Vicious Puppy proudly says, “Grrrrr!”

Vicious Orca  says … nothing.




2 responses to “The Gladiators

  1. An unfortunate scene that is all too common at my home as well…Moose toys with the unfortunate lesser creatures, but eventually the squeak must be stopped! Once the squeak is stopped the inevitable carnage of stuffing is left behind. Pups are always determined and victorious!!

  2. CUTE!! Lance has done the same thing to several of his stuffed animals as well.

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