Puppy Non Grata

I was aghast!  I was in shock!  Gentle humans, you can imagine my horror when I saw this sign:

Can you believe it?

It was bad enough that they wouldn’t allow puppies in the PLAY area … after all, that is what puppies love to do.  But even worse was to associate the NO PUPPIES sign with the BAILEY Fence Company!

That is like adding insult to injury!  Grrrr!

Well, I was a good puppy (hey … I’m always a good puppy — that’s what mom and dad say) and I kept out of the fenced area.  But that didn’t mean that I didn’t play … I played on the lawn OUTSIDE of the supposed play area.

Just wait.  Just wait until I grow up some more and finish school and get my J.D. degree (Juris Doggie).  Then I will take this to the legal system, and get them to change that sign.  Yup, that’s just what I’ll do.  The new sign will say:

“Absolutely No Purry-Things Allowed in Play Area.”





2 responses to “Puppy Non Grata

  1. Poor Bailey! But those silly fence people don’t know much if they think they can keep puppies out of the play area. Puppies make their OWN play area.

  2. This is also very mean to children…why would they confuse them this way? There is Bailey playing outside the “play area”, obviously, that means that the play area is outside the fence! Otherwise, the world makes no sense! I can’t wait until you get your Juris Doggie so that you can begin correcting these serious problems.

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