Dog vs. Machine

Slowly it approached, its sinister appearance in stark contrast to the lush surroundings which it was mutilating. The noise of its wicked blades was deafening and all fled from its onslaught … all, that is, except for this brave, clever puppy, who ran circles around it, heedless of the dangers that it presented, until I suddenly stopped right in front of it, daring it to advance.

It stopped. 

And then this puppy – this brave, clever, and proud puppy – knew that I had won.  I had stopped the advance of The Machine, halted its relentless course of chomping through the beautiful, green, long grass.

At first I just stared at it.  I couldn’t figure out what dad was doing, pushing this machine back and forth.  He wasn’t running, or playing, he was just walking.  Back and forth.  Boring.

There had to be more to it, so I took a closer look.  Nope.  Didn’t smell like anything interesting. Not interesting at all.

So I left it alone.  Dad might like walking behind this noisy, boring thing, but I had lost interest.  I ran off to the other side of the lawn and lay down to enjoy the warm day.  I hear that Winter is coming, and soon there won’t be any more nice days like this.

But then I started wondering.  Pretty soon dad and his machine were going to get to the hole in the lawn that I had dug (and re-dug, when dad tried to fill it in).  What would happen when the wheels of that machine got to the hole?  Would it fall in?

Well, it didn’t.  I was impressed with the way that dad navigated around that depression.  It was obvious to me that it wasn’t big enough.  Not deep or wide enough.  I will need to get to work and dig some more.  Maybe the next time that he mows the lawn the machine will fall in and disappear.

Now THAT  would be interesting!



2 responses to “Dog vs. Machine

  1. Um, Bailey, I don’t think Dad would like your idea of “interesting” in this case…

  2. I don’t think you want to make the machine too angry, I probably wouldn’t try to trap it in a large hold…also, I wouldn’t advise getting your nose too close! I think you were right when you took your victory and went to enjoy the sunshine!

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