Yes, gentle humans, I am glad that I was not born a turkey.  Turkeys are not clever, or fast … they just make funny noises.  And taste good, too.  I’m thankful  that mom often gives me pieces of turkey, or chicken, or roast beef, when she is cooking dinner.  There are lots of things that I am thankful about.  Here are ten others:

1. I am thankful for those quiet times when I can get brushed and pampered. Love being scratched on the head, and getting belly rubs! Ahhhhh!

2. I am thankful for lots of things to eat, and besides the occasional scraps there is also the purry food that I can get into when nobody is looking.

3. I am thankful that I can run, and run fast, because I love to run (after all, I am speed)!

4. I am thankful for cool sprinklers on a hot summer day.  Oh, what fun!

5. I am NOT  thankful for skunks! (Oh, I haven’t told you about that yet, have I? Stay tuned for an update soon … it wasn’t pleasant.)

6. I am thankful for squeaky toys.  Squeaky chickens are great, and so are squeaky balls, and squeaky bones, and squeaky killer whales.  The squeakier, the better.

7. I am thankful for vets who take good care of me.  Especially when I was very, very sick last year and had to spend a week in the hospital.  A big thanks to Dr. Clark!    (note: Would be even more thankful if there were no shots.)

8. I am thankful for my purry friends, even that white purry-thing who hisses and makes a fuss.  But some purry-things are nice to me, and come up to say hello every time that I go into the back yard. They get my special thanks.

9. I am thankful for long walks, be they on dusty trails or nice, green grass. I love climbing the hills where I can watch cows and chase squirrels, and look down at the wonderful view.

10. But mostly, I am thankful for a nice family, and a nice place to rest my head, and a wonderful home where I can play, and run, and be loved.

Yes, I think that I must be the luckiest clever puppy in the world.  As Trixie would say, “Life is good.” 


2 responses to “Thanks

  1. Bailey – you are one lucky pup!!! And stay away from the skunks!

  2. That sounds like it’s a wonderful life, Bailey!

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