The Second Time (not so nice)

ARF!  ARF ARF!  It was back … IT WAS BACK! 

I don’t think that mom and dad understood me.  All they knew is that I wanted to go outside.  So they opened to door and let me out.

THERE IT WAS!  It was eating the food that had been put out for the backyard purry-things to eat.  I chased it.  It ran.  A little.  Then it stopped.  I ran.  I got to where it was.  And then it happened.

I ran over to the lawn and started rolling and rolling.  It smelled awful, simply awful.  I couldn’t get away from it … couldn’t get the smell of of me.

Mom opened the back door and looked out,  “Phew,” she called to dad, “do you smell a skunk? And where is the dog?”

“He’s OK,” dad replied, “He’s over on the lawn.  Wait a minute … why is he rolling around so much?  Uh oh … … uh oh !!! !!!”

Do you remember a few months when I first saw this black-and-white monster?  At that time, dad warned me about chasing them.  Here is when I posted about that first introduction:

Well, I guess I didn’t listen very well, and now I know why I should stay away from these nasty, smelly creatures.  But the worst was yet to come.  Mom and dad wouldn’t let me back into the house.  Instead, they came outside with some buckets of water (luckily, it was warm water) and started throwing it onto my face!  Then they got the doggie shampoo and started giving me a bath, right there.  Right THEN!  It was cold outside … about 40 degrees, I was told.  But still they insisted that it was bath time. Brrr!

Finally they dried me off and I came inside to warm up and finish drying.  I immediately curled up on my bed and tried to sleep.

But I could still smell that horrible smell.  It was mostly on my nose and on my neck and on the top of my head.  Somehow I was able to avoid getting sprayed in my eyes — I don’t know how I did that but I sure am glad that I did!

Phew … mom was right.  It smelled awful – even worse that awful!

The next day was warmer outside, and dad gave me another bath.  With more warm water.  This time he washed me all over, trying to get off more of that smell.  Then he took a towel and dried me off (and immediately after mom took that towel and threw it into the garbage can).  I looked a lot cleaner.  My coat felt a lot smoother.  But I didn’t smell a lot better.

So the next day they took me to the big pet store — I love going into that place — to get a professional bath.  I had a great time and loved all the attention.  They washed me, and dried me, and put on some deodorant … and it seemed to work … a little.  But if you get really close, you can still smell it.  And if I get wet (as I did a few days later when it rained outside) you can definitely get a reminder of my encounter with the skunk.

I guess that it will take a few weeks, or months, for the smell to go away completely.  By then I will smell like a dog again.  By then people will pet me without wrinkling their noses.  And by then, maybe, I will have forgotten all about this lesson that I learned about black-and-white visitors …



One response to “The Second Time (not so nice)

  1. Oh, Bailey… This is one lesson that I hope sticks with you!

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