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Looking Back – and Ahead

TGIFGood morning, gentle humans.  Did you know that it has been seven years since I started writing this blog?!  That’s seven “dog years”, of course.  Only one for you humans (yet another example of how we clever pups are soooo much faster than you gentle humans).

Yes, it was exactly seven dog years since I pawed my first post.  You can read it here:  Welcome to my Blog  At that time I didn’t know what I was getting into.  At the time I didn’t know what to say.  At the time I didn’t know if anyone would even read what I have to say.

Bailey comes home 11-06-2011 018aBut, as it has turned out, there are some of you out there who do read my blog.  I thank you, and apologize that it hasn’t quite lived up to its name as “The Daily Bailey”  but, well, things have been busy.

Very busy!  A lot has happened since last December. I have grown so much bigger (dad can’t hold me like this anymore!) and I have done so much.

Christmas 12-25-2011 022But there is so much more that I want to do.  Not only is this the anniversary of my blog, but it is also the last day of 2012.  I have big plans for 2013.  For example, I want to:

– Learn how to fly.  Remember when I was a pup and first started flying lessons? You can read it again at: Look! Up in the Sky!  Well, I’m bigger and heavier now, so maybe that will make it harder.  But I am stronger, and besides, I’m still looking for my magic feather, just like the one that Dumbo had!

Late Summer 020– Hike to the TOP of the mountain.  Dad and I have gone up pretty high, but there is still a lot more trail beyond where we have gone.  This clever pup wants to reach new heights!  (Even if I can’t yet fly.) Link to: Climb Every Mountain

– Dig that hole in the lawn deeper.  All the way to China, if I can.  Or at least deep enough to find oil, or dinosaur bones.  Wow, can you imagine how great that would be to chew on!??  Link to Can You Dig It?

– Go to Disneyland and ride on Space Mountain. That sounds like lots of fun!  It’s fast, and it turns this way and and that, and it’s in the dark, where my keen puppy eyesight would be an advantage.  Of course, they still won’t let clever pups into that park, unless they are guide dogs.  Gotta change that judicial injustice.  Here is the link to:  The Magic Kindgom

Bailey water play 4-29-12 010– But, most of all, I want to enjoy my family!  It has been grand living here in San Martin with mom and dad and everyone and I look forward to so many more fun times.  More sticks to fetch, and balls to chase, more ponds to play in and sunny days to enjoy.  Yes, I think that this next year is going to be perfect for this puppy!

I hope that you gentle humans also have a wonderful 2013.  I hope that it is full of fun and happiness, without any worries and frustrations.  But, remember, if you need any help, hugging a puppy is a cure for anything!



Rainy Days means Indoors

Today looks like another rainy day.  I guess that is what happens when it is Wintertime in California.  I don’t really mind the rain.  Wet BudIn fact, I love to get wet!  I love to go out and run around in the rain … it is SO much fun!

And when there are puddles, it is even MORE fun.  I love to run in circles around them, and then, with one big pounce, SPLASH all over!

But mom and dad don’t seem to appreciate my love of the rain so much.  In fact, I’ve noticed that most of you gentle humans prefer not to get wet.  You wear boots and raincoats and carry umbrellas when it starts to drizzle.  Hmmpf … you’d never catch a dog carrying an umbrella!

From iPhone 079But today it is raining.  And that means that mom and dad will want to keep me inside most of the day.  Boring.  Oh sure, they’ll let me out once in a while, whenever they feel it’s time and when it’s not raining.  But other than that, I’m stuck indoors.

So I guess that means I’ll need to find things to do inside.  Maybe I’ll turn on the DVD and watch something like Homeward Bound, or one of the Disney Buddies movies.  There’s even a movie called The Adventures of Bailey about a dog like me.  Not much like me, however.  In fact, I wasn’t interested in watching it when mom and dad brought it home from the store.

Or, I can read a good book.  Maybe Clifford, the Big Red Dog.  Melanie just got a new book, called Ribsy, for Christmas.  I could really get my teeth into that.

And, if none of that will keep my interest, I can always find things in the house to chew, like dragons, or rawhide bones, or carpets.

Maybe it won’t be such a boring day after all ..



Dog-proof?? Ha!

They arrived on Christmas.  Meet the Dragons:

December 062

Their names are Puff, Smaug, and Elliot

Now, read the audacious claim that their manufacturer makes on the box in which they were packed:

These dragons are so tough we guarantee them! If your dog destroys the toy, we will send you a free replacement! Send photos of the destroyed toy to

December 066How can they claim that a dog, especially THIS clever pup, cannot possible defeat this plush dragon?  After all, I have already made mincemeat out of plush bunnies, and piggies, and orcas … these dragons don’t look any less destructible.

So I started on Christmas Day with Puff, the first dragon that was in my stocking that morning.  Mom gave him to me and I was immediately interested in seeing what made this dragon so tough.

December 067I put him down and studied him.  Puff  didn’t look particularly strong.  He didn’t have armor made of bony scales, like a real dragon might.  He didn’t have any claws with which to defend himself, and the “spike” on his tail was made of soft felt.

Heck, he didn’t even breathe fire.

The more I looked at him the more I realized that Puff  only had one purpose … and that was for me to chew him!

December 072And that is exactly what I did. I grabbed him and swung him around in my mouth, and started chewing on his hind leg.  Then I chewed on his wings, and then on his tail.

And sometimes, when I squeezed his body just right, he would make a loud “squeak”.

I have to admit that I am somewhat impressed with this dragon.   If you will recall, my fight with the Orca lasted less than 30 minutes before I had defeated the vicious Killer Whale (read about here:

December 071But Puff  wasn’t giving in so easily.  I have been chewing on him now for two days and he is still intact, or at least mostly intact.  However, if you look closely at his tail, you will see that I have begun to make some progress.  He is definitely showing signs of distress, and it won’t be long now until he raises the white flag of surrender.  But I will not stop until I have removed that squeaker!

I will keep you gentle humans updated regarding my progress.  Indestructible, indeed!  Ha!   This clever puppy will see about that!

‘Twas the Night Before …


‘Twas the night before Christmas,

And all through the house,

Not a creature was stirring

Except Mickey Mouse.


StockingsThe stockings were hung

By the chimney with care,

Even one for me (the pup)

And the purry-thing were there.


When what to my keen puppy eyes should appear,

But a miniature sleigh … But wait!  No reindeer!


ElvesIt was pulled instead

By two jolly small elves,

It was Chip and Dale,

Dressed not like themselves.


DuckThen down through the chimney,

Uh oh .. he got stuck,

Then out with a “pop”

Appeared Saint Santa Duck.


12 - 12 -x- Christmas 12-25-12 032He said not a quack,

But went straight to his work,

He left this huge Barbie mansion

Then turned with a smirk,


12 - 12 -x- Christmas 12-25-12 045He filled all the stockings,

For me, a dragon with teeth,

Also a chewable dog bone

Shaped like a wreath.


12 - 12 -x- Christmas 12-25-12 088aThen off they departed,

Duck and elves; yes, all three,

He started to wave

But flew right into a tree!


“Quack quack quack !!!  $%()#**@  Quack quack quackity-quack!!!”



Pooch Presents

Fa la la

Hey there, gentle humans, it is almost Christmas time.  Now, I am still a very young pup, but I remember that last year, on my first Christmas, there was a lot of presents being given out.  I even got some!

Well, I have collected some ideas for gifts for this clever pup.  How about:

Leash HookA nice place to hang my leashes?  This way, when it is time to take me out for a walk or a ride in the car, my leash will be readily at hand.  Pretty neat gift, huh?

PoolOr maybe, instead, you could go out and get me a new pool.  After all, if you have been reading my blog you know that I love the water.  And this one is the perfect shape for a clever, wet puppy!

Port HoleStill another great gift would be this neat porthole that I could use to look through the front door and see who was coming up the walkway.  If it was dad, coming home from work, then I could be all ready to jump up and lick him when he entered the house!  Just think of how happy THAT would make him!

Yes siree dog, those are some great gift ideas for the dog on your Christmas list.  I think that you should run right out and get them for the dog in your life. 

Starting with me, of course!




Dark and Stormy NightAnd, indeed, it was dark and stormy.  It was raining quite hard.  But I had to go out.  I had to!

No, I didn’t want to go out to go.  I wanted to go out to play!  Dad realized that (sometimes he can be a very smart dad) and he came out into the rain with me.  I grabbed one of my sticks and ran, and he chased me, and grabbed the stick, and we played tug-a-stick.

In the dark.

In the rain.

I tugged, and he pulled.  He pulled, and I tugged.  Then I tugged soooo hard that I pulled that stick right out of his hand!


Except that my backwards momentum … and the slippery concrete … made me fall backwards.

Backwards, into the swimming pool!

I was shocked, and dad was laughing.  He pulled me out and I shook myself off … all over him! (That’ll teach him to laugh at me!)  I was all wet, and so was he, but who cared?  Remember, we were outside in the rain!

Post Christmas 2011 001So we came inside, all wet, much to mom’s dismay.  I think that she wanted to send us back outside!!

But I lay down, and rested, and dried off.  It was an exciting evening, one that had lots of play, and fun, and a surprise as well.

I can’t wait for the next time it rains!  Maybe dad will fall into the pool!  Then I will laugh at him!



Fall … and falling twigs

Today it is raining.  In fact, it is POURING.  You might even say that it is raining purry-things and clever pups!

iPhone 031But it wasn’t raining last weekend.  And mom and dad went outside to trim this tree.  It looks beautiful, doesn’t it, with all its autumn colors.  (By the way, it doesn’t look like this today.  With all the wind and rain, all the leaves are gone and it is very bare.)

I was a very big help, as you might imagine.  After all, this clever pup likes to chase sticks, and carry them in his mouth.  iPhone 023In fact, the bigger, the better.  So when dad got out the saw and started cutting away, I got very excited and started running around in circles.  And when the twig fell to the ground I was right there to pick it up!

Well, maybe it was a big bigger than a twig.  No matter … I still got it and drug it off to the lawn.

I was imagining the big things that I would do with this stick.  Or branch … whatever you want to call it.  I would have mom or dad throw it, and I would fetch it and bring it back, and we could do that over and over and over and … you get the idea.  It was going to be FUN!

iPhone 028But first, I had to figure out how to carry it.  It was hard to get a good grasp in my mouth.  I struggled with it and struggled some more … sometimes I was winning and sometimes, well, let’s just say that sometimes I was not.

Finally, mom came over and took it away and cut it up into little pieces to put into the recycling bin.  I didn’t get to play with my stick after all.

(But I did save a piece or two and ran off with them!!)