Dark and Stormy NightAnd, indeed, it was dark and stormy.  It was raining quite hard.  But I had to go out.  I had to!

No, I didn’t want to go out to go.  I wanted to go out to play!  Dad realized that (sometimes he can be a very smart dad) and he came out into the rain with me.  I grabbed one of my sticks and ran, and he chased me, and grabbed the stick, and we played tug-a-stick.

In the dark.

In the rain.

I tugged, and he pulled.  He pulled, and I tugged.  Then I tugged soooo hard that I pulled that stick right out of his hand!


Except that my backwards momentum … and the slippery concrete … made me fall backwards.

Backwards, into the swimming pool!

I was shocked, and dad was laughing.  He pulled me out and I shook myself off … all over him! (That’ll teach him to laugh at me!)  I was all wet, and so was he, but who cared?  Remember, we were outside in the rain!

Post Christmas 2011 001So we came inside, all wet, much to mom’s dismay.  I think that she wanted to send us back outside!!

But I lay down, and rested, and dried off.  It was an exciting evening, one that had lots of play, and fun, and a surprise as well.

I can’t wait for the next time it rains!  Maybe dad will fall into the pool!  Then I will laugh at him!




5 responses to “Splash!

  1. Larry,you go beyond the call of duty as a dog owner for playing in the rain! Bailey you are a lucky dog!

  2. Oh, dear, Bailey! I hope you didn’t shake off inside…

    • Oh no, Nikki, I did all my shaking outside. And mom brought a big towel for dad to dry me off before I came inside.
      BUT … remember that incident with the black-and-white stripey monster? When my coat gets wet, you can still smell it. And after this incident, my coat was mighty wet!

  3. You’re playing in the rain, just playing in the rain…what a woofer-ful feeling, you’re happy again, you’re laughing at clouds, so dark up above, a playful pup is in your heart, and you’re ready for a game of tug!

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