Pooch Presents

Fa la la

Hey there, gentle humans, it is almost Christmas time.  Now, I am still a very young pup, but I remember that last year, on my first Christmas, there was a lot of presents being given out.  I even got some!

Well, I have collected some ideas for gifts for this clever pup.  How about:

Leash HookA nice place to hang my leashes?  This way, when it is time to take me out for a walk or a ride in the car, my leash will be readily at hand.  Pretty neat gift, huh?

PoolOr maybe, instead, you could go out and get me a new pool.  After all, if you have been reading my blog you know that I love the water.  And this one is the perfect shape for a clever, wet puppy!

Port HoleStill another great gift would be this neat porthole that I could use to look through the front door and see who was coming up the walkway.  If it was dad, coming home from work, then I could be all ready to jump up and lick him when he entered the house!  Just think of how happy THAT would make him!

Yes siree dog, those are some great gift ideas for the dog on your Christmas list.  I think that you should run right out and get them for the dog in your life. 

Starting with me, of course!




2 responses to “Pooch Presents

  1. Ah, Bailey, I already have some ideas for presents for you. 🙂

  2. Dogs these days…in MY day, dogs were happy with a bone or a squeaky toy. 😉

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