‘Twas the Night Before …


‘Twas the night before Christmas,

And all through the house,

Not a creature was stirring

Except Mickey Mouse.


StockingsThe stockings were hung

By the chimney with care,

Even one for me (the pup)

And the purry-thing were there.


When what to my keen puppy eyes should appear,

But a miniature sleigh … But wait!  No reindeer!


ElvesIt was pulled instead

By two jolly small elves,

It was Chip and Dale,

Dressed not like themselves.


DuckThen down through the chimney,

Uh oh .. he got stuck,

Then out with a “pop”

Appeared Saint Santa Duck.


12 - 12 -x- Christmas 12-25-12 032He said not a quack,

But went straight to his work,

He left this huge Barbie mansion

Then turned with a smirk,


12 - 12 -x- Christmas 12-25-12 045He filled all the stockings,

For me, a dragon with teeth,

Also a chewable dog bone

Shaped like a wreath.


12 - 12 -x- Christmas 12-25-12 088aThen off they departed,

Duck and elves; yes, all three,

He started to wave

But flew right into a tree!


“Quack quack quack !!!  $%()#**@  Quack quack quackity-quack!!!”




2 responses to “‘Twas the Night Before …

  1. Merry Christmas Bailey!

  2. Love it! Merry Christmas.

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