Rainy Days means Indoors

Today looks like another rainy day.  I guess that is what happens when it is Wintertime in California.  I don’t really mind the rain.  Wet BudIn fact, I love to get wet!  I love to go out and run around in the rain … it is SO much fun!

And when there are puddles, it is even MORE fun.  I love to run in circles around them, and then, with one big pounce, SPLASH all over!

But mom and dad don’t seem to appreciate my love of the rain so much.  In fact, I’ve noticed that most of you gentle humans prefer not to get wet.  You wear boots and raincoats and carry umbrellas when it starts to drizzle.  Hmmpf … you’d never catch a dog carrying an umbrella!

From iPhone 079But today it is raining.  And that means that mom and dad will want to keep me inside most of the day.  Boring.  Oh sure, they’ll let me out once in a while, whenever they feel it’s time and when it’s not raining.  But other than that, I’m stuck indoors.

So I guess that means I’ll need to find things to do inside.  Maybe I’ll turn on the DVD and watch something like Homeward Bound, or one of the Disney Buddies movies.  There’s even a movie called The Adventures of Bailey about a dog like me.  Not much like me, however.  In fact, I wasn’t interested in watching it when mom and dad brought it home from the store.

Or, I can read a good book.  Maybe Clifford, the Big Red Dog.  Melanie just got a new book, called Ribsy, for Christmas.  I could really get my teeth into that.

And, if none of that will keep my interest, I can always find things in the house to chew, like dragons, or rawhide bones, or carpets.

Maybe it won’t be such a boring day after all ..




2 responses to “Rainy Days means Indoors

  1. Great post Bailey….you remind me I should love the rain more and avoid it less. Some of my favorite songs mention loving the rain: Singing In the Rain, Laughter in the Rain, Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head!

  2. I love staying inside on rainy days. Great day to read a book or play with the purry-thing that lives at my house.

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