Looking Back – and Ahead

TGIFGood morning, gentle humans.  Did you know that it has been seven years since I started writing this blog?!  That’s seven “dog years”, of course.  Only one for you humans (yet another example of how we clever pups are soooo much faster than you gentle humans).

Yes, it was exactly seven dog years since I pawed my first post.  You can read it here:  Welcome to my Blog  At that time I didn’t know what I was getting into.  At the time I didn’t know what to say.  At the time I didn’t know if anyone would even read what I have to say.

Bailey comes home 11-06-2011 018aBut, as it has turned out, there are some of you out there who do read my blog.  I thank you, and apologize that it hasn’t quite lived up to its name as “The Daily Bailey”  but, well, things have been busy.

Very busy!  A lot has happened since last December. I have grown so much bigger (dad can’t hold me like this anymore!) and I have done so much.

Christmas 12-25-2011 022But there is so much more that I want to do.  Not only is this the anniversary of my blog, but it is also the last day of 2012.  I have big plans for 2013.  For example, I want to:

– Learn how to fly.  Remember when I was a pup and first started flying lessons? You can read it again at: Look! Up in the Sky!  Well, I’m bigger and heavier now, so maybe that will make it harder.  But I am stronger, and besides, I’m still looking for my magic feather, just like the one that Dumbo had!

Late Summer 020– Hike to the TOP of the mountain.  Dad and I have gone up pretty high, but there is still a lot more trail beyond where we have gone.  This clever pup wants to reach new heights!  (Even if I can’t yet fly.) Link to: Climb Every Mountain

– Dig that hole in the lawn deeper.  All the way to China, if I can.  Or at least deep enough to find oil, or dinosaur bones.  Wow, can you imagine how great that would be to chew on!??  Link to Can You Dig It?

– Go to Disneyland and ride on Space Mountain. That sounds like lots of fun!  It’s fast, and it turns this way and and that, and it’s in the dark, where my keen puppy eyesight would be an advantage.  Of course, they still won’t let clever pups into that park, unless they are guide dogs.  Gotta change that judicial injustice.  Here is the link to:  The Magic Kindgom

Bailey water play 4-29-12 010– But, most of all, I want to enjoy my family!  It has been grand living here in San Martin with mom and dad and everyone and I look forward to so many more fun times.  More sticks to fetch, and balls to chase, more ponds to play in and sunny days to enjoy.  Yes, I think that this next year is going to be perfect for this puppy!

I hope that you gentle humans also have a wonderful 2013.  I hope that it is full of fun and happiness, without any worries and frustrations.  But, remember, if you need any help, hugging a puppy is a cure for anything!



2 responses to “Looking Back – and Ahead

  1. Happy Anniversary and Happy New Year! May the new year bring you everything you dream of!!!!!

  2. Happy Anniversary, Bailey! Maybe we could train you to be a guide pup…

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