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Two is Better than One

December 059Arf!  I got a new chew bone!

Well, actually (and even better!), I got two new chew bones!  I was in heaven.  I mean, after all, there were TWO bones for me to chew.  I had finished my previous one a long time ago and hadn’t had one of these for days.  Weeks, even.

And now I had two!

December 056The only problem was, I couldn’t decide which one to chew first.  I would put one down, and then pick up the other, but then the first one looked so inviting that I would drop that second and retrieve the first, but the second needed to be chewed also, so I would …

And this went on, over and over, for quite a long time.  Mom and dad thought that it was funny.

Finally, I decided that the only way to achieve chewing satisfaction would be to pick both of them up at the same time!  Yup, that was the answer.

December 054The only problem was, I couldn’t do it.  Every time that I opened my mouth to get the second bone, the first one would fall out!

It was  frustrating.  It was aggravating.  It was very annoying.

And, it was a challenge.

I was not going to give up until I got both of them in my mouth at the same time!  After all, I am a very clever puppy, and I would find a way.

December 053You gentle humans have a saying, “One in the hand is worth two in the bush”.  Well, I don’t go for that rubbish.  First of all, I don’t have hands.  And secondly, if there are two, I want them both!

So, I kept trying.

And, at last, I finally did it!  Look!  You can see by my pleased expression that I was very proud of my accomplishment.  I am indeed a clever puppy.

So I hope this is a lesson for you gentle humans.  If you have something that you really want, but is hard to get, don’t give up.  Just keep trying, like me, to pick up that second bone.  Maybe people laugh at you, like mom and dad did, but don’t let that discourage you.  Keep trying and eventually you will win!

And remember . . .

Two in the mouth is better than one on the floor!



The Mystery Dog

I went for another walk last weekend.  I really enjoy these walks because I can get out and stretch my legs.  It’s also nice for mom and dad to go for walks with me.  The fresh air is good for them, and I am slowly getting them trained to follow my leash when we walk.  They are slow learners, however, and still often don’t go as fast as I do.

022 Walk 1-11-13Another thing that I like about going for walks is that I get to meet lots of other gentle humans (and they always way what a good dog I am) and other puppies. For example, this time I met this nice dog who was leading his two people.

His people said that he was a rescue pup.  I really like that.  I am glad that these gentle humans were taking care of this very friendly and nice puppy.   024 Walk 1-11-13There was only one problem … he didn’t have a name!  His people said that his background was a mystery.  They didn’t know how old he was or what his breeding was, and they didn’t know his name.

That got me thinking … they could name him after some great mystery characters.  I thought of maybe calling him Poirot or Sherlock.  Dad suggested Edgar Allen Pup.

What do you think?  Do you have any suggestions?

026 Walk 1-11-13When I was done with my walk I had to get a drink of water.  The nice park people who designed this walking trail were very thoughtful and put in this special water bowl for us clever puppies.  The way it works is that the water slowly drains from the bowl, so that every time a dog wants to drink, his people have to fill it again with fresh water.  Oh, what clever park people they must be.  But sometimes I get too impatient to wait for the bowl to fill up, so I drink right from the faucet.  I am like dad in that respect … just as he likes his beer, I prefer my water on tap!




Bark!  BARK!!

12 - 12 Bailey -vs- the squirrel 12-31-12 009There was another visitor in our yard!  No, this time it wasn’t the black-and-white stripey thing, or one of the big masked creatures.  It was a small furry-tailed fence hopper (mom called it a squirrel) and it jumped from the fence to the tree.

I quickly ran over to the tree.  I got there very quickly (after all, I am speed!) but by the time I arrived the squirrel had scampered up the tree.  I looked up at him, and he looked down at me, but neither of us got any closer to the other.

12 - 12 Bailey -vs- the squirrel 12-31-12 011I walked around the tree, trying to find a ladder or stairs that the squirrel used to go up so quickly.  I couldn’t find anything.  So I tried to jump.  I tried over and over.

The squirrel just climber higher.

12 - 12 Bailey -vs- the squirrel 12-31-12 013I circled the tree again.  And again.  I could not find a way to climb up the tree, like he did.

We stayed like that for quite a while, the squirrel and me.  12 - 12 Bailey -vs- the squirrel 12-31-12 003Me, on the ground trying to find a way to get up, and he, up in the tree, trying to find a way to get away from this clever and fast pup.

I was a very patient pup.  Surely, I thought, he would eventually have to come down.

He was a very patient squirrel. Surely, he thought, I would eventually tire of this game and go away.

Finally, mom and dad decided to let the squirrel have a chance to go to his own home.  They called me to come in the house.  Nope, I thought, I’ve got this squirrel in a tree.  Then then showed me the puppy treat in their hand.  Oh boy, a treat for me!

I ran into the house.  Very fast.  After all, I am speed!




Vets Are Cool – Part II

006 ready to go home after check-up 1-4-13“Come on,” said mom, “let’s get in the car.”

Oh boy, I thought, we’re going for a walk!  Or maybe to play with the other clever pups at the Dog Park!!  Woof!!

So I ran to the front door, ran down the steps, ran to the back of the car, and jumped in!  I was ready to go.  I was ready to play.  I was ready.

017 Follow-up 1-11-13But we didn’t go to the park.  Instead, we went to the vet.  Now, I know that some other dogs do not like visiting the vet.  But I don’t mind — in fat, I love going to see my doctor.  They really like me, and they are friendly, and they pat my head, and they (best part of all) give me doggie cookies!  This was my annual check-up.  I also wrote about my visit from last year (you can read it here:

Dad sat on the floor with me while we waited for my vet, Dr. Loreen Clark to come into the room.  004 Dr. Clark with Bailey 1-4-13Megan, the assistant, had already taken my temp (normal) and weighed me. I am now 90 lbs!  I’m a BIG dog now!

Finally Dr. Clark came in to examine me.  She checked everywhere to see if I was healthy.  She said that ninety pounds was a lot for a puppy like me, but that I didn’t look overweight so that was OK.   She also gave me my shots.  I was good … I didn’t mind at all.  Because she also gave me cookies.

But she did find that I had an ear infection that was particularly bad in my left ear.  It didn’t hurt me, but she said it could get worse.

Vet 010So she gave mom and dad a whole bunch of medications for me.  I have pills that I have to take each day, and every night mom and dad flush out my ears with this earwash stuff.  It is uncomfortable, but still, I put up with it.

Hmm, one of the pills that I have to take is prednisone. That is a steroid.  I wonder if it is one of those performance-enhancing kind of drugs.  Maybe I’ll be able to jump higher, or run faster?!  Wow, wouldn’t that be cool??!!  I’m going to go outside right now and find out! …


The Photo Shoot

012 Mel and Larry 1-4-13Dad got home a couple of days ago and was immediately greeted by both Melanie and me!  He sat down on the stairs and we both joined him.

We were both happy to see him.  And I could tell that he was happy to see us (after all, who wouldn’t be??!!)

Well, mom just had to go and get the camera.  She thought that this pose was just too cute to pass up.

013 Mel and Larry 1-4-13However, she took a long time getting the camera, and then a long time to set up the shot.  I started getting bored.

This was taking much too long.  This puppy wanted to go outside with dad and play.  I wanted to show him the new branch that I got … the one that I jumped up and pulled down out of the tree! 

I wanted to play keep-away with my new branch. 

014 Mel and Larry 1-4-13But mom still had that camera.

And she was still taking pictures. 

“Com’on, dad,” I implored, “Let’s go play outside!”

By now even Melanie is beginning to look a little tired of all the photos.  She probably wanted to go back to her Legos, or princesses, or maybe to play Angry Birds on the iPad.

015 Mel and Larry 1-4-13Well, I finally decided that if I couldn’t go outside and play then I would do the next best thing. 

Yup, I decided to lick dad on the face!

And that was the end of THAT photo session! 

Melanie ran down the stairs, afraid that she would be licked next.  Dad started wrestling with me.


And mom started laughing.


Animal-safe Trash

Dear gentle humans, today I want to talk to you about something that is very important to us animals.  It could be a matter of life or …

Wavy 002Yesterday I posted about finding a potato chip bag in the trash and tearing it up to see if any chips were still inside.  Luckily, when I found the bag it had already been torn open so that I couldn’t get my head stuck inside it.  But after reading my post, one of my loyal readers, Cyndi, sent me an email in which she described a sad story:


“Once again I enjoyed your Bailey Blog and since it is read around the world, you have an opportunity to inform others.

“A lady was on TV whose dog went into the trash and found the potato chip bag at night.  He got his head stuck in the bag and died.   It was a plea to always cut up the bag so a beloved pet’s head couldn’t get stuck and die in it.  She was of course devastated that her big dog had died, especially after going after something they had failed to prevent.

“Just thought you might want to consider educating the world about how something so simple can turn out to be so deadly.  I never throw away any bag that could be found by an animal that could be deadly to it, even after it has left my home and is in the dumpster.  I just couldn’t bear the thought of such a tragedy, especially if the animal was starving.

“Love to Bailey and Happy New Year.


I hope that all you gentle humans think of what might happen when animals stick their heads into things looking for food.

And it is not just bags.  Yogurt and other food containers have meant death to wild animals.  How many of you throw away your used containers without cutting them up?  Even if you rinse them out, the smell remains and will attract cute things like hedgehogs or smelly things like skunks (and I know all about those, first-hand).

HedgehogFor example, the spines on this hedgehog prevent it from pulling its head out of the Mac Flurry container.  The tapered shape of the container make it impossible for the poor little guy to pull his head out.

SkunkAnd here is a skunk caught in a Yoplait container.  Again, the shape keeps his head inside.  While he probably won’t suffocate, he can’t see where he is going, making him easy prey for other animals or cars on the road.

So please, gentle humans, please be careful of what you throw away.   If you take the time to make your trash more animal-safe, you can be saving a life — perhaps your own pet’s.




Can’t Eat Just One

Ahh, the holidays are over.  The time when you gentle humans get together to celebrate and party, to sing songs and give gifts, and — most importantly — to eat!  There are lots of things that you set out for other gentle humans to eat, and this gentle puppy would love to join you in consuming them.

Wavy 007Unfortunately, mom and dad do not usually give me anything from the snack table to eat.  Sometimes something may fall on the floor (like that little black round thing with the hole in it … yuck!) but most of the time I have to just lie on my bed and wish for something on which I can munch, and savor.

This time, however, someone (and I won’t name the guilty party) gave me a potato chip!  Mmm, that was good!  I wanted more, but was told, “Sorry, Bailey, only one.”  Well, you gentle humans know that was pure torture.  After all, you remember the commercials that said,

Betcha can’t eat just one!

I wanted more.  I needed more!  I craved more!  Please, for puppy’s sake, can’t I have another?

Wavy 002So that night, after everyone had gone to bed, I found the potato chip bag in the garbage, and decided to see if there was another one in there for me.  I looked and and looked, but I couldn’t find any more chips.

I brought the empty bag back to my bed and looked some more.  Maybe there were some crumbs, some small pieces left behind?

I couldn’t eat just one … I needed more!

You can tell from my expression when mom and dad found me in the morning that I didn’t find any more chips in the bag.  It was empty.  However, the insides of the bag had been licked clean.

Next time I need to figure out how to the the whole bag, before it is opened.  Then I can have as many chips as I want!  I better start planning now!!



Puff the Chewed-up Dragon

Hell0, gentle humans.  Do you remember Puff, the “indestructible” dragon?  The one that the manufacturer guaranteed to be dog-proof?  Here is the link to last week’s post in case you missed it:

Puff 002Well, Puff  has proven to be very tough.  Usually, I can rip apart these plush toys within hours (or even minutes!) but in this case it has been harder.  This picture was taken on New Year’s Eve, a full seven days after I started my chewing frenzy.

You can now see that – in addition to the previous tear in his tail – there is now a rip in Puff’s right arm.  Remember, however, that this is after a full week of my chewing on this dragon.  Two small tears are not much to blog home about!

Puff 006So tonight I attacked the dragon in earnest.  Enough of this playing around … I needed to make some serious headway.  Or tailway, as it turned out.

I really sank my canine canines into this stuffed Puff and soon began to see  results.  Within a short time the dragon and his tail spike were separated.

Puff 003Here are the gory details of tonight’s carnage.   You can see the body of the dragon, in pretty sad shape.  You can see the spiked tip of his tail, with some white dragon-stuffing scattered about. And you can see a huge hole where the tail was attached.

And here is my real prize … the part of the dragon that I most coveted:  Puff 008The squeaker!  Of course, I destroyed it and now it only squeaks if dad blows on it like a duck call.  “Squeak!” 

(Mom doesn’t like it when dad blows on this with his mouth.  I don’t know why … maybe she is afraid that some duck will answer it?  Or, maybe, a dragon ?!)

But where, oh where, is Puff’s tail?  Look again at that picture above … something is missing. The part of the tail that should have been between that hole in the dragon and the spike?  Where has it gone?

It is indeed gone.  Dad looked all around the floor, under the furniture, behind the pantry door, all to no avail.  He could not find that tail.  He looks very confused and perplexed right now.

I know where it is.  But I am not telling.


World Famous Pup

“Twas the morn of the New Year,

And all through the pad,

Not a creature was stirring,

Except this pup and his dad …”

Good morning, gentle humans, and Happy New Year!  I hope that you all had a wonderful NYE celebration … except for those of you who were lighting fire crackers late last night.  How is a clever puppy supposed to sleep?

Sleepy DragonI did sleep, however, after a long night of partying and playing tug-an-arm with dad.  Fell asleep right on the floor.  Puff  the dragon slept, too.  By the way, he is holding up very well to all my chewing efforts.  Those people really did a good job with him … but this puppy will still emerge victorious in the end!

Dad didn’t think he could stay awake last night until midnight, but he did a very good job of it, even with all those glasses of bubbly stuff that he was drinking.  Mom, as usual, stayed up well past midnight, while Travis played some game called “blindfold rum tasting.”  Wow, you should have seen all the different bottles!  Even one that he said tasted like “gasoline.”  (Now, how would he even know what gasoline tasted  like?  Has he tried  it??  Huh?  This inquisitive puppy wants to know.)

Oh, before I stop for today, I want to share something with you.  Look at this map:

World Map

It shows all the counties around the world from where you gentle humans viewed my blog!  There were hits from all the countries marked in YELLOW, plus the U.S. (of course).  Wow, that is twenty-six countries in all!  Even places like Sri Lanka, and Trinidad-and-Tobago, and Kuwait!  I guess that this clever puppy is world-famous!

Of course, many of these hits could be from one friend of mine who flies all over the world … she is a flight attendant.  I will have to ask her.

Well, I need to see who else is awake this morning.  This clever puppy wants to play!  That will be a great way to start the new year.

I hope that you have a great day as well!