Puff the Chewed-up Dragon

Hell0, gentle humans.  Do you remember Puff, the “indestructible” dragon?  The one that the manufacturer guaranteed to be dog-proof?  Here is the link to last week’s post in case you missed it:  http://wp.me/p262M4-f1

Puff 002Well, Puff  has proven to be very tough.  Usually, I can rip apart these plush toys within hours (or even minutes!) but in this case it has been harder.  This picture was taken on New Year’s Eve, a full seven days after I started my chewing frenzy.

You can now see that – in addition to the previous tear in his tail – there is now a rip in Puff’s right arm.  Remember, however, that this is after a full week of my chewing on this dragon.  Two small tears are not much to blog home about!

Puff 006So tonight I attacked the dragon in earnest.  Enough of this playing around … I needed to make some serious headway.  Or tailway, as it turned out.

I really sank my canine canines into this stuffed Puff and soon began to see  results.  Within a short time the dragon and his tail spike were separated.

Puff 003Here are the gory details of tonight’s carnage.   You can see the body of the dragon, in pretty sad shape.  You can see the spiked tip of his tail, with some white dragon-stuffing scattered about. And you can see a huge hole where the tail was attached.

And here is my real prize … the part of the dragon that I most coveted:  Puff 008The squeaker!  Of course, I destroyed it and now it only squeaks if dad blows on it like a duck call.  “Squeak!” 

(Mom doesn’t like it when dad blows on this with his mouth.  I don’t know why … maybe she is afraid that some duck will answer it?  Or, maybe, a dragon ?!)

But where, oh where, is Puff’s tail?  Look again at that picture above … something is missing. The part of the tail that should have been between that hole in the dragon and the spike?  Where has it gone?

It is indeed gone.  Dad looked all around the floor, under the furniture, behind the pantry door, all to no avail.  He could not find that tail.  He looks very confused and perplexed right now.

I know where it is.  But I am not telling.



One response to “Puff the Chewed-up Dragon

  1. Bailey, it’s not very nice to eat your toys…

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