Can’t Eat Just One

Ahh, the holidays are over.  The time when you gentle humans get together to celebrate and party, to sing songs and give gifts, and — most importantly — to eat!  There are lots of things that you set out for other gentle humans to eat, and this gentle puppy would love to join you in consuming them.

Wavy 007Unfortunately, mom and dad do not usually give me anything from the snack table to eat.  Sometimes something may fall on the floor (like that little black round thing with the hole in it … yuck!) but most of the time I have to just lie on my bed and wish for something on which I can munch, and savor.

This time, however, someone (and I won’t name the guilty party) gave me a potato chip!  Mmm, that was good!  I wanted more, but was told, “Sorry, Bailey, only one.”  Well, you gentle humans know that was pure torture.  After all, you remember the commercials that said,

Betcha can’t eat just one!

I wanted more.  I needed more!  I craved more!  Please, for puppy’s sake, can’t I have another?

Wavy 002So that night, after everyone had gone to bed, I found the potato chip bag in the garbage, and decided to see if there was another one in there for me.  I looked and and looked, but I couldn’t find any more chips.

I brought the empty bag back to my bed and looked some more.  Maybe there were some crumbs, some small pieces left behind?

I couldn’t eat just one … I needed more!

You can tell from my expression when mom and dad found me in the morning that I didn’t find any more chips in the bag.  It was empty.  However, the insides of the bag had been licked clean.

Next time I need to figure out how to the the whole bag, before it is opened.  Then I can have as many chips as I want!  I better start planning now!!




One response to “Can’t Eat Just One

  1. Uh oh. Watch out, Bailey, that kind if thinking will get you a tummy-ache!

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