Animal-safe Trash

Dear gentle humans, today I want to talk to you about something that is very important to us animals.  It could be a matter of life or …

Wavy 002Yesterday I posted about finding a potato chip bag in the trash and tearing it up to see if any chips were still inside.  Luckily, when I found the bag it had already been torn open so that I couldn’t get my head stuck inside it.  But after reading my post, one of my loyal readers, Cyndi, sent me an email in which she described a sad story:


“Once again I enjoyed your Bailey Blog and since it is read around the world, you have an opportunity to inform others.

“A lady was on TV whose dog went into the trash and found the potato chip bag at night.  He got his head stuck in the bag and died.   It was a plea to always cut up the bag so a beloved pet’s head couldn’t get stuck and die in it.  She was of course devastated that her big dog had died, especially after going after something they had failed to prevent.

“Just thought you might want to consider educating the world about how something so simple can turn out to be so deadly.  I never throw away any bag that could be found by an animal that could be deadly to it, even after it has left my home and is in the dumpster.  I just couldn’t bear the thought of such a tragedy, especially if the animal was starving.

“Love to Bailey and Happy New Year.


I hope that all you gentle humans think of what might happen when animals stick their heads into things looking for food.

And it is not just bags.  Yogurt and other food containers have meant death to wild animals.  How many of you throw away your used containers without cutting them up?  Even if you rinse them out, the smell remains and will attract cute things like hedgehogs or smelly things like skunks (and I know all about those, first-hand).

HedgehogFor example, the spines on this hedgehog prevent it from pulling its head out of the Mac Flurry container.  The tapered shape of the container make it impossible for the poor little guy to pull his head out.

SkunkAnd here is a skunk caught in a Yoplait container.  Again, the shape keeps his head inside.  While he probably won’t suffocate, he can’t see where he is going, making him easy prey for other animals or cars on the road.

So please, gentle humans, please be careful of what you throw away.   If you take the time to make your trash more animal-safe, you can be saving a life — perhaps your own pet’s.





One response to “Animal-safe Trash

  1. Poor little guys. 😦 They might not suffocate, but they will starve. Or be eaten. So sad.

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