The Photo Shoot

012 Mel and Larry 1-4-13Dad got home a couple of days ago and was immediately greeted by both Melanie and me!  He sat down on the stairs and we both joined him.

We were both happy to see him.  And I could tell that he was happy to see us (after all, who wouldn’t be??!!)

Well, mom just had to go and get the camera.  She thought that this pose was just too cute to pass up.

013 Mel and Larry 1-4-13However, she took a long time getting the camera, and then a long time to set up the shot.  I started getting bored.

This was taking much too long.  This puppy wanted to go outside with dad and play.  I wanted to show him the new branch that I got … the one that I jumped up and pulled down out of the tree! 

I wanted to play keep-away with my new branch. 

014 Mel and Larry 1-4-13But mom still had that camera.

And she was still taking pictures. 

“Com’on, dad,” I implored, “Let’s go play outside!”

By now even Melanie is beginning to look a little tired of all the photos.  She probably wanted to go back to her Legos, or princesses, or maybe to play Angry Birds on the iPad.

015 Mel and Larry 1-4-13Well, I finally decided that if I couldn’t go outside and play then I would do the next best thing. 

Yup, I decided to lick dad on the face!

And that was the end of THAT photo session! 

Melanie ran down the stairs, afraid that she would be licked next.  Dad started wrestling with me.


And mom started laughing.



One response to “The Photo Shoot

  1. Yay! A photo shoot where I am not the one getting licked in the face! 🙂

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