Vets Are Cool – Part II

006 ready to go home after check-up 1-4-13“Come on,” said mom, “let’s get in the car.”

Oh boy, I thought, we’re going for a walk!  Or maybe to play with the other clever pups at the Dog Park!!  Woof!!

So I ran to the front door, ran down the steps, ran to the back of the car, and jumped in!  I was ready to go.  I was ready to play.  I was ready.

017 Follow-up 1-11-13But we didn’t go to the park.  Instead, we went to the vet.  Now, I know that some other dogs do not like visiting the vet.  But I don’t mind — in fat, I love going to see my doctor.  They really like me, and they are friendly, and they pat my head, and they (best part of all) give me doggie cookies!  This was my annual check-up.  I also wrote about my visit from last year (you can read it here:

Dad sat on the floor with me while we waited for my vet, Dr. Loreen Clark to come into the room.  004 Dr. Clark with Bailey 1-4-13Megan, the assistant, had already taken my temp (normal) and weighed me. I am now 90 lbs!  I’m a BIG dog now!

Finally Dr. Clark came in to examine me.  She checked everywhere to see if I was healthy.  She said that ninety pounds was a lot for a puppy like me, but that I didn’t look overweight so that was OK.   She also gave me my shots.  I was good … I didn’t mind at all.  Because she also gave me cookies.

But she did find that I had an ear infection that was particularly bad in my left ear.  It didn’t hurt me, but she said it could get worse.

Vet 010So she gave mom and dad a whole bunch of medications for me.  I have pills that I have to take each day, and every night mom and dad flush out my ears with this earwash stuff.  It is uncomfortable, but still, I put up with it.

Hmm, one of the pills that I have to take is prednisone. That is a steroid.  I wonder if it is one of those performance-enhancing kind of drugs.  Maybe I’ll be able to jump higher, or run faster?!  Wow, wouldn’t that be cool??!!  I’m going to go outside right now and find out! …



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