The Mystery Dog

I went for another walk last weekend.  I really enjoy these walks because I can get out and stretch my legs.  It’s also nice for mom and dad to go for walks with me.  The fresh air is good for them, and I am slowly getting them trained to follow my leash when we walk.  They are slow learners, however, and still often don’t go as fast as I do.

022 Walk 1-11-13Another thing that I like about going for walks is that I get to meet lots of other gentle humans (and they always way what a good dog I am) and other puppies. For example, this time I met this nice dog who was leading his two people.

His people said that he was a rescue pup.  I really like that.  I am glad that these gentle humans were taking care of this very friendly and nice puppy.   024 Walk 1-11-13There was only one problem … he didn’t have a name!  His people said that his background was a mystery.  They didn’t know how old he was or what his breeding was, and they didn’t know his name.

That got me thinking … they could name him after some great mystery characters.  I thought of maybe calling him Poirot or Sherlock.  Dad suggested Edgar Allen Pup.

What do you think?  Do you have any suggestions?

026 Walk 1-11-13When I was done with my walk I had to get a drink of water.  The nice park people who designed this walking trail were very thoughtful and put in this special water bowl for us clever puppies.  The way it works is that the water slowly drains from the bowl, so that every time a dog wants to drink, his people have to fill it again with fresh water.  Oh, what clever park people they must be.  But sometimes I get too impatient to wait for the bowl to fill up, so I drink right from the faucet.  I am like dad in that respect … just as he likes his beer, I prefer my water on tap!




One response to “The Mystery Dog

  1. You and the mystery dog look very similar. Maybe you are related?

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