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Game Day!

Bailey Football Training Camp 8-2012 012Well, gentle humans, I guess today is the day.

The day you’ve been anticipating for weeks has arrived.  After all those games in the regular season, plus the playoffs, it all comes down to this.

One last game.

Bailey Football Training Camp 8-2012 023Of course, I am referring to the PUPPY BOWL!

I know that all of you will be glued to your TVs to watch these cute, adorable puppies running around, chasing the ball, tackling each other, and having a wonderful time!

(Of course, some of you might be more interested in the hedgehog cheerleaders, but that’s up to you …)

Bailey Football Training Camp 8-2012 026I think that this will also be a good day to get out and have a little pre-Puppy Bowl practice.  I’ve got to work on those special plays and maybe even try to use that new “Pistol” formation … whatever that is.


The only problem is that my ball seems to need a little air …