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Hello again, gentle humans.  You all know that I like water, right?  Almost as much as I like to run.  I love to splash in puddles, wade in pools, and chase the lawn sprinklers.

WG3You can imagine my joy, then, when Melanie brought out a little portable, hand-held sprinkler thing.  I had never seen anything like it.  She would hold it up, and a stream of water would come out and get my face all wet!

I loved this.  I would try to catch the water in my mouth and get a nice, refreshing drink.  It was quite a nice little game.

WG2When she started shooting the water up higher, I couldn’t reach the stream anymore.  So I had to resort to other puppy behavior, like jumping!

This was fun!  We kept playing this game for a long time, and I would run around and then come back for more water, and she would point that squirty thing at me and I would open my mouth, and on and on it went.

WG1But after a while we both got tired, and I got thirsty, so I came up next to her and she gently squirted the water right into my mouth.


That was a fun, fun day.  I can’t wait until we go outside and play it again.


The Dog Run

As you gentle humans know, I love to run.  After all, I am speed!

I would run all day long, if I could.  Run, and run, and run.  And sleep.  After all that running, I would need some rest.

Before I run again.

Barky1Sometimes I get to visit with the dogs next door.  The big one is a collie named Ramses.  The small one is a little mop of a dog who is the size of a purry-thing and makes a noise that sounds like someone stepped on a mouse.  I’m not sure if it really is a dog!

We often like to meet at the fence and discuss things; important things such as what we had for dinner, how many belly rubs we have gotten, and whether our shares of Apple stock will ever split.  But after this small talk, we always get down to the real business …

Barky2We run.

We will run as fast as we can along the fence, then quickly turn and run the other direction.  And then back again.

And again.

We will keep this up forever, if we could, but eventually mom or dad will call me and I will obediently obey.  I will run to them and we will go in the house where I might get a treat, a drink of water, and then lie on the bed to rest.

Until the next time when I can go outside.

Outside to run.  I love to run.  After all, I am speed!




Hello, gentle humans.  Remember me?  It is I, Bailey.  Yes, the clever pup!  I’m glad that you haven’t forgotten.

4-7-1Many of you have written to me by email, or text message, or left Facebook comments for dad, even contacting me by carrier pigeon, wondering where I have been.  I haven’t been writing my blog recently, but don’t worry.  Everything is okay.  I’m not sick, and the computer isn’t broken.  I was just taking a sabbatical.

I’ve been doing lots of things since we last got together.  I’ve gone on lots of hikes, around town or up the mountain (and I made it to the TOP! – More about that in a later post).  I’ve run around the yard a lot, and dug up some more holes in the lawn.  Yes. I’ve been very busy.

4-7-2But most of all, I have been keeping dad happy.  Sometimes he gets tired and just wants to sit and do nothing, and I need to do my puppy-thing and keep him happy.  And, I’m glad to say, I have been doing a very good job of keeping him happy.  I am always excited when he comes home from work, and I run with him while he mows the lawn, and I lick his face whenever he sits down.

All this playing and running and happy-making can be very tiring, and at the end of the day I can rest well, knowing that I am doing my job of being a very clever puppy.

Good night, gentle humans.  I promise to write another blog soon!


P.S.  I was just kidding about the carrier pigeon.  I didn’t really get a message that way.  A pigeon did try to land on the back lawn, but I chased it away.