Hello, gentle humans.  Remember me?  It is I, Bailey.  Yes, the clever pup!  I’m glad that you haven’t forgotten.

4-7-1Many of you have written to me by email, or text message, or left Facebook comments for dad, even contacting me by carrier pigeon, wondering where I have been.  I haven’t been writing my blog recently, but don’t worry.  Everything is okay.  I’m not sick, and the computer isn’t broken.  I was just taking a sabbatical.

I’ve been doing lots of things since we last got together.  I’ve gone on lots of hikes, around town or up the mountain (and I made it to the TOP! – More about that in a later post).  I’ve run around the yard a lot, and dug up some more holes in the lawn.  Yes. I’ve been very busy.

4-7-2But most of all, I have been keeping dad happy.  Sometimes he gets tired and just wants to sit and do nothing, and I need to do my puppy-thing and keep him happy.  And, I’m glad to say, I have been doing a very good job of keeping him happy.  I am always excited when he comes home from work, and I run with him while he mows the lawn, and I lick his face whenever he sits down.

All this playing and running and happy-making can be very tiring, and at the end of the day I can rest well, knowing that I am doing my job of being a very clever puppy.

Good night, gentle humans.  I promise to write another blog soon!


P.S.  I was just kidding about the carrier pigeon.  I didn’t really get a message that way.  A pigeon did try to land on the back lawn, but I chased it away.





One response to “Pup-batical

  1. Glad to hear from you again, Bailey! Of course, I knew you were busy being the clever and helpful pup you are… 🙂

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