The Dog Run

As you gentle humans know, I love to run.  After all, I am speed!

I would run all day long, if I could.  Run, and run, and run.  And sleep.  After all that running, I would need some rest.

Before I run again.

Barky1Sometimes I get to visit with the dogs next door.  The big one is a collie named Ramses.  The small one is a little mop of a dog who is the size of a purry-thing and makes a noise that sounds like someone stepped on a mouse.  I’m not sure if it really is a dog!

We often like to meet at the fence and discuss things; important things such as what we had for dinner, how many belly rubs we have gotten, and whether our shares of Apple stock will ever split.  But after this small talk, we always get down to the real business …

Barky2We run.

We will run as fast as we can along the fence, then quickly turn and run the other direction.  And then back again.

And again.

We will keep this up forever, if we could, but eventually mom or dad will call me and I will obediently obey.  I will run to them and we will go in the house where I might get a treat, a drink of water, and then lie on the bed to rest.

Until the next time when I can go outside.

Outside to run.  I love to run.  After all, I am speed!




One response to “The Dog Run

  1. I’m so glad that you have pup-friends to run with, Bailey! I know your human friends love playing with you, too, but the other pups have more energy than we humans do!

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