Hello again, gentle humans.  You all know that I like water, right?  Almost as much as I like to run.  I love to splash in puddles, wade in pools, and chase the lawn sprinklers.

WG3You can imagine my joy, then, when Melanie brought out a little portable, hand-held sprinkler thing.  I had never seen anything like it.  She would hold it up, and a stream of water would come out and get my face all wet!

I loved this.  I would try to catch the water in my mouth and get a nice, refreshing drink.  It was quite a nice little game.

WG2When she started shooting the water up higher, I couldn’t reach the stream anymore.  So I had to resort to other puppy behavior, like jumping!

This was fun!  We kept playing this game for a long time, and I would run around and then come back for more water, and she would point that squirty thing at me and I would open my mouth, and on and on it went.

WG1But after a while we both got tired, and I got thirsty, so I came up next to her and she gently squirted the water right into my mouth.


That was a fun, fun day.  I can’t wait until we go outside and play it again.


One response to “Squirts

  1. Pretty soon, Bailey, it will be warm enough that the full-size sprinklers will be on. Imagine how fun that will be to play in!

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