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Things that go BONG in the Night

Something new has shown up at the house.

7-20-13 010This clever pup has trouble figuring out what it was.  It was big, it was shiny, it had something that went back and forth.

And suddenly, it went BONG!

And again … and again!

I stared at it … it stopped.

I guess that it couldn’t stand the intensity of my gaze, and decided to be quiet.

Except, about an hour or so later, it did it again!  In fact, it kept it up all night long, every hour!

How is a puppy supposed to sleep?  Maybe I should ask dad to move it out to the barn.

Then it can keep the horses awake!



A Walk in the Park – Part II

As I told you, gentle humans, the park that we often go to has lots of things to do and see.  There are birds, and cows, trees and hills.  But most of all, there are squirrels!

I love to chase squirrels.  imageThey are small and fast, but not as fast as I am.  And when I get on their trail, I am focused.

I have a very good nose.  I can smell those little rodents.  And I have very good eyes.  A little rustle in the grass will tell me that a squirrel is there.

7-20-13 016And once I see them, it is off to the races.  Dad usually has trouble running as fast as I can (after all, I am speed, remember?) and as a result, we don’t catch up to the squirrel.

Usually, by the time we catch up to the squirrel, he has run into his hole in the ground (like this one).

Sometimes I stick my noise into the hole to see if he is really in there, but dad always pulls me back right away.  Something about angry squirrels and puppy snouts.  I don’t get it.

As I said earlier, I have very keen eyesight.  And sometimes I catch movement from things that are not squirrels.  Once a saw what looked like a very BIG squirrel; dad said it was a wild boar.  7-20-13 015And this day I saw a funny thing on this rock.  It looked the same color as the rock, was small and skinny, and had a looooong tail.  Dad said it was a lizard.  I went to see closer, and it didn’t move.  But when dad tried to take a picture of it, it scampered off.

Who knew that lizards were so photophobic?



A Walk in the Park

Arf!  Hello, gentle humans.  I want you all to know that I have been fine, and having a wonderful time.  Today I want to update you on a walk that I took a couple of days ago.

This was a fun walk, because it wasn’t just dad and me.  photoMom and Nikki came for the walk, too, and it was more fun with all the company.  In fact, Nikki even held my leash while I searched for squirrels.

But I was a good dog … I didn’t pull her too fast, like I often do with dad.  I just kept walking at a nice, gentle pace.

But because I didn’t run, Nikki didn’t get to see how fast I was.

We started out in the morning, but not real early, and it started getting hot.  image[1]We had to stop and rest a few times.   Well, not really for me, because I could have kept on going, and going, and going.

But gentle humans, I have found, like to rest occasionally, so I sat and let them catch their breath.

Then it was off again.

This is a nice place to walk.  There are lots of birds to watch, and cows to see (they don’t really do much … just stand there and chew).  There are trees, and hills, and lots of great views.

But best of all, there are squirrels!  I’ll tell you more about that next time!

Bailey’s Baby

Hello, gentle humans.  A lot has gone on since I last posted a blog.  A lot.

For example, the latest gentle human showed up at the house yesterday.  Bailey's baby 7-19-2013 002I was very confused … didn’t know what to make of this little thing.  It was small … it was REALLY tiny.  It made funny noises (and oftentimes those were not pleasant noises).  But most of all, it smelled funny.

It smelled VERY funny.

I looked at dad and asked him what it was.  He replied that this little human was his new grandson, and that Colleen has just come home from the hospital.

Babies come from hospitals?  You humans do things in very funny ways.  Bailey's baby 7-19-2013 004We dogs are much more practical.  Why, I was born in a barn, in a bed of hay.  With lots of brothers and sisters, too.  Why did Colleen only decide to have one?

I wanted to lick this baby, to clean him up and get that funny smell off, but dad wouldn’t let me.  Then, when he (the baby, not dad) made some more of those terrible noises, dad put that little green thing into his (the baby’s again) mouth.

The noises stopped.

I wanted that green thing.  I wanted to see what was so special about it.  The baby wasn’t doing a very good job of chewing on it … obviously, I needed to teach him how to really chew it to pieces.  Let me have it!

Maybe, the next time that the baby comes to visit, I can learn more about him.  Maybe I can see how fast he can run.  Maybe I can see why he makes those noises.

And maybe I can find out why he smells so funny.