Bailey’s Baby

Hello, gentle humans.  A lot has gone on since I last posted a blog.  A lot.

For example, the latest gentle human showed up at the house yesterday.  Bailey's baby 7-19-2013 002I was very confused … didn’t know what to make of this little thing.  It was small … it was REALLY tiny.  It made funny noises (and oftentimes those were not pleasant noises).  But most of all, it smelled funny.

It smelled VERY funny.

I looked at dad and asked him what it was.  He replied that this little human was his new grandson, and that Colleen has just come home from the hospital.

Babies come from hospitals?  You humans do things in very funny ways.  Bailey's baby 7-19-2013 004We dogs are much more practical.  Why, I was born in a barn, in a bed of hay.  With lots of brothers and sisters, too.  Why did Colleen only decide to have one?

I wanted to lick this baby, to clean him up and get that funny smell off, but dad wouldn’t let me.  Then, when he (the baby, not dad) made some more of those terrible noises, dad put that little green thing into his (the baby’s again) mouth.

The noises stopped.

I wanted that green thing.  I wanted to see what was so special about it.  The baby wasn’t doing a very good job of chewing on it … obviously, I needed to teach him how to really chew it to pieces.  Let me have it!

Maybe, the next time that the baby comes to visit, I can learn more about him.  Maybe I can see how fast he can run.  Maybe I can see why he makes those noises.

And maybe I can find out why he smells so funny.





One response to “Bailey’s Baby

  1. Just wait, Bailey…just a couple years and it will be another kid to play with and run with…kids have lots of energy, just like you! It’ll be a good thing, you’ll see!!!

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