A Walk in the Park

Arf!  Hello, gentle humans.  I want you all to know that I have been fine, and having a wonderful time.  Today I want to update you on a walk that I took a couple of days ago.

This was a fun walk, because it wasn’t just dad and me.  photoMom and Nikki came for the walk, too, and it was more fun with all the company.  In fact, Nikki even held my leash while I searched for squirrels.

But I was a good dog … I didn’t pull her too fast, like I often do with dad.  I just kept walking at a nice, gentle pace.

But because I didn’t run, Nikki didn’t get to see how fast I was.

We started out in the morning, but not real early, and it started getting hot.  image[1]We had to stop and rest a few times.   Well, not really for me, because I could have kept on going, and going, and going.

But gentle humans, I have found, like to rest occasionally, so I sat and let them catch their breath.

Then it was off again.

This is a nice place to walk.  There are lots of birds to watch, and cows to see (they don’t really do much … just stand there and chew).  There are trees, and hills, and lots of great views.

But best of all, there are squirrels!  I’ll tell you more about that next time!


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