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The Puppy is In

A Warm Puppy

Good morning, gentle humans. I hope that you are having a good day.  In fact, I hope that you are having a fabulous day.

And, if you are not, may I suggest some way to remedy that situation:  Late Summer 017Hug a Puppy.  Give him (or her) a pat on the head.  Optional therapy:  Let the puppy lick you on the face.

I really is amazing how much better this will make you feel.  My humans do it all the time.  Whether it is early in the morning, or late at night, they will hug me, and pet me, and I will lick themBailey on lawn 6-23-12 003 (well, at least dad, he always lets me lick him), and immediately they feel much better.  Works every time.

It’s better than going to a spa, it’s better than going to a therapist.  It’s better than resorting to pills, or to drink.  It’s more than refreshing, and more than reinvigorating.  it’s more like …

… like repuppinating!  If that’s not a word then it should be.

Gotta go now.  Gotta repuppinate my humans.


Hi, Cuz!

Dad recently went to a place called See Attle to see his brother.  No, his brother’s name is not “Attle”; it is Russ.  So I guess you could say he went to See Attle to See Russ.  🙂 I am such a clever puppy.

Anyway, his brother also has a dog, and he is also a Golden Retriever!  011Isn’t he a distinguished looking dog?  I think so.  His name is Lance.

Lance is a little older than I am.  I think that he is 63 now … in dog-years, that is.  That makes him … hmm, hey, he is just as old in dog years as dad is in gentle human years!  How ironic is that?

I have never met Lance.  I have seen pictures of him, and Lance once did send me a rubber chicken when I was a little pup. You can read about it by following this link:  .  But we have never met snout-to-snout.  I would love to someday.  But that would require a car ride … a very looooong car ride.  It would get kind of boring just sitting — and lying — in the back of that car all the way to See Attle.

It would be a lot better if dad let me drive part of the way.

There is another reason for going to visit Lance.  013I hear that dad’s brother is a very good cook.  I hear that one of the things Uncle Russ likes to cook the most is salmon.  I know that this clever pup LOVES salmon!

Mmmmm.  Just look at these lovely fillets on the grill.  Don’t they look delicious?  I can imagine what it must be like to smell them, to savor them, to gobble them!

Yup, Lance is very lucky to live in a place where he can have salmon every day!  I wish I could.  Even once a week would make me happy.

But watch out for the bones …