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The High and the Low

Oh! I’ll take the high road and
You’ll take the low road,
And I’ll be in Scotland afore ye;”

Actually, Scotland wasn’t in my plans.  In fact, I don’t really know where Scotland is.  But wherever it is, and whenever I plan to go there, I’m sure that I will get there “afore ye”, because I am Speed, remember?

But today I wanted to show you the high road that dad and I took.  Late Summer 023It is the road that goes up and over the hill to the lake on the other side.  It is a wonderfully long and exhilarating excursion, and dad and I love taking it.  When we go all the way to the lake it is about an eight mile round trip and I am rather tired by the time I get back.  By then I have drunk all the water that dad brought along for me and a stop at the doggie water fountain is very welcome.

After a short rest on the back lawn, however, I am up and ready to run around again.  This pup loves to go!

But look!  Down on the “low road.”  Low RoadYes, way down there … can you see mom? She is walking with her friend Catherine and her dog Raphael.  I put in the arrow to help you. They are on a two-mile loop.  But they just look like small specs to us on the High Road.

018On this day dad and I only went about four miles, timing our return to the bottom to coincide with their conclusion of their loop.

Afterwards we posed for a group photo before heading off for home.  Rafael is only about a year and a half old, but he is bigger than me!

It was another fun day of hiking … on both the low and the high roads.


December Birthdaze

Hello again, gentle humans.

December is just about over.  And you know what?  It sure is a busy month! After all, there is Christmas, and New Year’s Eve (which IS in December, of course).  There’s all the shopping, and the partying, and everyone is running all over the place.

Melanie had her birthday in December.  I mention this because I think that she made a huge theming and decorating faux pas … instead of choosing clever puppies for her birthday party them she choose some purry-things!  UntitledCan you imagine that?  How could she?  But yes, she chose for her birthday party some French-speaking purry-things.  You can be sure that I was very disappointed.

In fact, I was SO disappointed that I didn’t even go to her party.  Nope.  Stayed away.  Boycotted.

Well, maybe the fact that I didn’t even get an invitation was another reason not to go.   I mean, really!  How could she NOT invite this cute, clever puppy?

12_2013 008But I WAS invited to celebrate the next birthday, which was a few days later.  Mom had her birthday, and I even gave her my very own birthday card.  It was great that the greeting card people have finally recognized that we pups like to extend our good wishes as well, and now they make special cards that are “from the dog.”

So here I am, giving my special puppy birthday card to mom.  She was very happy to get it.

I was happy, too, because after she read the card she gave me the envelope to chew up!


Cars that go BUMP in the Night

Oh no!  The Puppymobile has been bumped.  Crushed!  Crumpled!!!

From iPhone 001I love my Puppymobile.  It is nice and big and has lots of room for this clever pup.  It is a pretty blue color and I love sitting in the back, waiting for mom or dad to come out and take me for a ride.  Usually we would go some place fun, like the dog park, or for a long hike up the hills, or over to the great doggy store.

Sometimes we go to the vet.  Even that is fun, because I have a great vet and love to go and visit her.

Yessiree dog, I love my Puppymobile. 1043 Dad was even teaching me how to drive it.  Really!  But it wasn’t the first car that I tried to drive.  That would be my mom’s white car, the one that has the license plate ASFLOTH, named after a white elven horse in some big trilogy about Rings and Hobbits.  That horse could run fast, but not as fast as me.  After all, I am Speed!  

The biggest trouble that I had driving either car was how to reach the pedals and steer at the same time.  I’m sure I’ll figure that out someday.

001Anyway, back to my Puppymobile.  Last night mom and dad were driving home after visiting some friends when traffic slowed on the freeway in front of them.  Dad of course slowed down, but the car behind did not, and Bump!  I mean BUMP!!  Actually, it was more of a CRASH!!!!  As you can see, the result was not so good for the Puppymobile.  Not so good for the BMW that hit the Puppymobile, either.  Both cars had to be towed away, but luckily all the gentle humans were unhurt.

Dad is afraid that the Puppymobile is beyond repair, at least in the insurance company’s eyes.  If that is the case then he and mom will have to look for a new car.  They like this one … it is a good car for carrying things like boxes and puppies, and it is a hybrid so it gets good mileage.  But, maybe the next car should be a little more exciting.

Maybe something like this:

LamborghiniAfter all, it’s a pretty blue.  I’m sure that there is room for a puppy … somewhere.  And although I am Speed, I bet that this one is faster.

Besides, I am sure that it gets GREAT gas mileage!


How the Dinosaurs met their Doom

Once again Christmas has passed.  Once again the tree is decorated.  Once again the lights are up.  Once again the gifts are wrapped, and delivered, and unwrapped.

And once again this dog was given a gift of supposedly dog-proof chew toys.

Do remember last year?  I got three dragons, named Puff, Smaug, and Elliot.  You can read about them here:

They were supposed to be resistant to the chewing of a puppy, but the manufacturer didn’t think about THIS puppy when they made that claim.  Dinos This year, however, instead of dragons, I got 3 Dinosaurs!

I need to think of some names for these guys.  Let’s see, the gray one will be Spike and the blue-and-red will be Dino (after the little guy in the Flinstones).  The purple one, of course, has to be Barney!

Christmas 2013 009I know — for all you Barney fans — he was really a T-Rex, not an Apatosaurus.  But let’s go with it here, okay?  Let’s give this clever pup a little creative license?

Anyway, I was given the choice of which one to chew on first.  Mom wanted to let me have all three, but dad said, “No.  He only gets one at a time.”

Spoil sport.

Anyway, it didn’t take me long to select my first victim … I mean, toy. Can you guess which one I wanted to sink my teeth into first?

Christmas 2013 023Yes, you are right … it was that obnoxious, singing purple dinosaur.  I didn’t even hesitate to consider the others.  No, this was the one, and I couldn’t wait to bit into him, rip his head off, and remove the squeaker.

I’m sure that it won’t take me long to demolish this dinosaur, although I must admit that — like the dragons — he is much stronger than most of the other squeaky toys that mom brings home from the store.

I’m determined to conquer this purple Jurassic behemoth.  It will be the end of the dinosaurs.  This is no giant asteroid … it is a ferocious, clever puppy. I will keep you posted on my progress.

Push the RESUME Button

Arf!  Gosh, it seems like forever since I last posted a blog entry!  I think it’s been … (let me do the math here) … 28 dog months!  That’s four months for you gentle humans.  I’m not sure why I didn’t write more.  Maybe I was too busy playing with the smallest gentle humans.  Maybe I was chasing squirrels.  Maybe I had puppy’s block.

Anyway, here I am, writing again.  And here it is, just two days after Christmas.  This past year went by very fast for me … did it for you, too?  It seems like mom and dad just took down the tree and all the decorations, and all of a sudden it was time to put them back up again!  I think that it would be easierImage if they just left Christmas up all year long.

And, speaking of decorations, well, this puppy just doesn’t understand.  Mom put up all kinds of ornaments and decorations that were a Mouse.  For example, did you see the stocking hung by the chimney with care in the photo? That Mouse is on the stocking!! And, if it wasn’t the Mouse, then it was one of the Mouse’s friends, like a girl Mouse, or a Duck, or a very Goofy dog.

That goofy dog ought to be ashamed of himself.  No proper dog would ever look and behave the way that he does!  Shameful.  He should be more like that other dog … the one who belongs to the Mouse … the one for whom a former-now-dwarf-planet was named.

And that brings up another thing!  Why are all the planets named after Roman gods?  Why weren’t they named after dogs?  After all, dogs and gods share the same letters … but dogs are cuter, and smarter, and we are better squirrel-chasers.  Sure, you may say that Pluto was named after a dog, but that planet was demoted, remember?

Yessiree dog, I think that all the planets should have puppy names, like Rover, and Fido, and even Spot!  Spot would be a good name for that big planet, the one with the big red spot on it, don’t you think?  Oh, and don’t forget that one planet has to be named Bailey!

But somehow I got side-tracked.  I was talking about Christmas.  Well, let me finish by hoping that all of you gentle humans had a wonderful Christmas, and don’t forget to include the puppy in your New Year’s celebrations!