How the Dinosaurs met their Doom

Once again Christmas has passed.  Once again the tree is decorated.  Once again the lights are up.  Once again the gifts are wrapped, and delivered, and unwrapped.

And once again this dog was given a gift of supposedly dog-proof chew toys.

Do remember last year?  I got three dragons, named Puff, Smaug, and Elliot.  You can read about them here:

They were supposed to be resistant to the chewing of a puppy, but the manufacturer didn’t think about THIS puppy when they made that claim.  Dinos This year, however, instead of dragons, I got 3 Dinosaurs!

I need to think of some names for these guys.  Let’s see, the gray one will be Spike and the blue-and-red will be Dino (after the little guy in the Flinstones).  The purple one, of course, has to be Barney!

Christmas 2013 009I know — for all you Barney fans — he was really a T-Rex, not an Apatosaurus.  But let’s go with it here, okay?  Let’s give this clever pup a little creative license?

Anyway, I was given the choice of which one to chew on first.  Mom wanted to let me have all three, but dad said, “No.  He only gets one at a time.”

Spoil sport.

Anyway, it didn’t take me long to select my first victim … I mean, toy. Can you guess which one I wanted to sink my teeth into first?

Christmas 2013 023Yes, you are right … it was that obnoxious, singing purple dinosaur.  I didn’t even hesitate to consider the others.  No, this was the one, and I couldn’t wait to bit into him, rip his head off, and remove the squeaker.

I’m sure that it won’t take me long to demolish this dinosaur, although I must admit that — like the dragons — he is much stronger than most of the other squeaky toys that mom brings home from the store.

I’m determined to conquer this purple Jurassic behemoth.  It will be the end of the dinosaurs.  This is no giant asteroid … it is a ferocious, clever puppy. I will keep you posted on my progress.


One response to “How the Dinosaurs met their Doom

  1. Cute… Santa almost delivered them here, too, but then figured it was a matter of minutes before they were shredded stuffing.

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