Cars that go BUMP in the Night

Oh no!  The Puppymobile has been bumped.  Crushed!  Crumpled!!!

From iPhone 001I love my Puppymobile.  It is nice and big and has lots of room for this clever pup.  It is a pretty blue color and I love sitting in the back, waiting for mom or dad to come out and take me for a ride.  Usually we would go some place fun, like the dog park, or for a long hike up the hills, or over to the great doggy store.

Sometimes we go to the vet.  Even that is fun, because I have a great vet and love to go and visit her.

Yessiree dog, I love my Puppymobile. 1043 Dad was even teaching me how to drive it.  Really!  But it wasn’t the first car that I tried to drive.  That would be my mom’s white car, the one that has the license plate ASFLOTH, named after a white elven horse in some big trilogy about Rings and Hobbits.  That horse could run fast, but not as fast as me.  After all, I am Speed!  

The biggest trouble that I had driving either car was how to reach the pedals and steer at the same time.  I’m sure I’ll figure that out someday.

001Anyway, back to my Puppymobile.  Last night mom and dad were driving home after visiting some friends when traffic slowed on the freeway in front of them.  Dad of course slowed down, but the car behind did not, and Bump!  I mean BUMP!!  Actually, it was more of a CRASH!!!!  As you can see, the result was not so good for the Puppymobile.  Not so good for the BMW that hit the Puppymobile, either.  Both cars had to be towed away, but luckily all the gentle humans were unhurt.

Dad is afraid that the Puppymobile is beyond repair, at least in the insurance company’s eyes.  If that is the case then he and mom will have to look for a new car.  They like this one … it is a good car for carrying things like boxes and puppies, and it is a hybrid so it gets good mileage.  But, maybe the next car should be a little more exciting.

Maybe something like this:

LamborghiniAfter all, it’s a pretty blue.  I’m sure that there is room for a puppy … somewhere.  And although I am Speed, I bet that this one is faster.

Besides, I am sure that it gets GREAT gas mileage!



6 responses to “Cars that go BUMP in the Night

  1. Poor Bailey’s Mom and Dad. At least no one was hurt in the writing of this blog.

  2. I hate it when cars go bump in the night! Glad no one was hurt!! I’m not sure if the fast blue car is your best bet….

  3. I like the proposed new puppy mobile. I ‘m sure Bailey will want to drive it. Me too for that matter.

  4. Uh oh! Did the new license plate frame survive?

  5. Glad that every one is okay but alas poor SEEOTTR, he hath been wounded and is feeling blue. Bailey, you are such a clever pup and I am so glad to see that you blogging once again!!! Tell your Mom and Dad to take it easy and that bubblebaths work wonders.

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