December Birthdaze

Hello again, gentle humans.

December is just about over.  And you know what?  It sure is a busy month! After all, there is Christmas, and New Year’s Eve (which IS in December, of course).  There’s all the shopping, and the partying, and everyone is running all over the place.

Melanie had her birthday in December.  I mention this because I think that she made a huge theming and decorating faux pas … instead of choosing clever puppies for her birthday party them she choose some purry-things!  UntitledCan you imagine that?  How could she?  But yes, she chose for her birthday party some French-speaking purry-things.  You can be sure that I was very disappointed.

In fact, I was SO disappointed that I didn’t even go to her party.  Nope.  Stayed away.  Boycotted.

Well, maybe the fact that I didn’t even get an invitation was another reason not to go.   I mean, really!  How could she NOT invite this cute, clever puppy?

12_2013 008But I WAS invited to celebrate the next birthday, which was a few days later.  Mom had her birthday, and I even gave her my very own birthday card.  It was great that the greeting card people have finally recognized that we pups like to extend our good wishes as well, and now they make special cards that are “from the dog.”

So here I am, giving my special puppy birthday card to mom.  She was very happy to get it.

I was happy, too, because after she read the card she gave me the envelope to chew up!



One response to “December Birthdaze

  1. Best postdog ever! Happy birthday, Kathy! Enjoy!

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